Unusual expensive purchases made by celebs.

Celebrities are generally considered rich people and they’ve shown this several times with some of the weird things they’ve spent their millions on. Take a look at six unusual expensive purchases that have been made by celebrities.

1. Blue Ivy’s expensive barbie doll

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s first daughter, Blue Ivy who’s currently a Grammy award winner got an expensive barbie doll like no other on her first birthday. It was reported that Beyonce and Jay-Z spent a whooping 80 thousand dollars to buy a barbie doll designed with 160 diamond gems for Blue Ivy as a birthday gift.

(Blue Ivy’s barbie doll)

Photo credit: daily mail

2. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s gold toilet 

Getting a nice and comfortable toilet normally costs us some bucks with some ranging more than 100 thousand naira. However, when it comes to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, getting a toilet designed with pure gold may be a perfect idea. According to reports, they splashed 750 thousand dollars on four matching gold toilets for their newly acquired mansion.

3. Paris Hilton’s expensive dog mansion

Photo credit: ESA letter

Getting a comfortable dog house may cost us some buck but it isn’t entirely all that expensive. Famous singer, Paris Hilton has splashed quite an impressive amount of money to get her pets a comfortable home.

(Interior view of Paris Hilton’s dog mansion)

Photo credit: Guest of a Guest

According to reports, she spent 325 thousand dollars to get her petanogs a nice and comfortable dog house with air conditioners and all the needed necessities.

4. Jay-Z’s horse

Owning a horse in this modern era where there’s an availability of cars and planes may not come in too handy when leaving for work unless there’s a traffic jam. Famous rapper, Shawn Carter who’s also known as Jay-Z left many perplexed after he reportedly splashed 55 million dollars to purchase a horse named the California Chrome.

(The California Chrome)

5. Kendall Jenner’s couch

Couchs are very necessary for our homes as we need them to rest comfortably. They’re quite expensive and some may worth over 100 thousand naira. However, Kendall Jenner splashed 52 thousand dollars (21 million naira) on a royal blue rovin couch. 

(Kendall Jenner’s couch)

Photo credit: Lonny

6. Beyonce’s gold leggings

Aside from buying an expensive barbie doll for her daughter, Beyonce once splashed 100 thousand dollars to purchase leggings made of pure gold while preparing for a show back in 2007.

Life Style.

Two things the US Gov, told Lagos State Gov to look into.

The United state has shown interest in the unfortunate incident that happened at Lekki Toll gate and they even went further to ask the Lagos state government to look into 2 things as pertaining the Endsars protest of 2020.

This interest shows that the concerns of many Nigerians has gone far and wide, and a solution would be gotten sooner rather than later. Below are the two things that the US government asked the Lagos state government to look into.

1) They Asked The Lagos State Governments To Take Measures.

The event at the toll gate was very dishearten to many Nigerians and they clamoured for Justice both online and on the streets. The good news is that the Lagos state governor has already set up a committee that will bring the highly requested justice for the people, the committee is lead by Attorney General and Commissioner of Justices, Moyosore Onigbanjo.

Another thing that is worthy of note is that, Governor Sanwo-Olu promised he would handle the case by law and in the interest of the public.

2) They asked for grievances of the victims and their families.

It is good to know that the victims of those that were killed and injured was not forgotten, and the greatest way that the Lagos state government can show grievances is to bring the guilty security operatives to book.

In Conclusion, The US government and the Lagos State government should be applauded for their interested in this case because it shows that they have heard the cries of the people.

ISWAP Fighters Planning To Kill More Military Commanders – Army Sends Signal.

The Nigerian Army has informed its troops about plans by ISWAP terrorists to eliminate more military commanding officers.

The signal from the army is coming following the death of Brig Gen Dzarma Zirkusu.

Zirkusu, until his death, was the commander of the 28 Task Force in Chibok.

SaharaReporters had reported that ISWAP fighters on Saturday engaged Nigerian troops at a military base in Askira, Askira Uba Local Government Area of Borno State in a gun battle.

Some civilians had said they sighted the terrorists in a long convoy of gun trucks along Ngude axis towards Askira. The civilians added that they reported the movement of the terrorists to security forces but no action was taken before the deadly group stormed Askira town hours later.

Hours after the incident, Director, Army Public Relations, Onyema Nwachukwu in a statement said a Brigadier General and three other soldiers were killed.

While he identified the slain senior officer as Zirkusu, the army spokesperson was silent on the identities of the junior officers killed.

In a military signal seen by SaharaReporters on Monday, the army authorities claimed the terrorists are planning to target more senior officers and commanders.

It added that a “battle could have been lost if a commander is killed.”

The signal read in full, “At about 130915A Nov 21, following attack on troops of115 Task Force Battalion Askira Uba by ISWAP terrorists, troops of 25 Brigade led by Brigade Commander, Brig Gen MF Babayo (N/10211) in conjunction with troops of 28TF Brigade carried out reinforcement to Askira. While on pursuit of the terrorist, troops made contact with the terrorist at Leho Village (N10°42’10.22″ E12°50’47.76″wink in Askira LGA.

“During the contact, own MRAP conveying the Brigade Commander deliberately rammed ISWAPs MRAP which led to destruction of ISWAPs MRAP while own MRAP engulfed in fire. However, the Brigade Commander and the MRAP crew were able to get out of the MRAP but the commander had serious chest injury due to the head on collision. Casualties on troops are one soldier and one CJTF WIA while equipment casualties are one x Phantom MRAP, 3 x AA Guns (2 DAMAGED), one x AK47 rifle, 2 x AK 47 Magazine and 60 x 7.62mm (SPECIAL) rounds. Enemy casualties are over 50 terrorists elements (including their commander) were killed. Enemies one x MRAP and 5 x GTs destroyed while tps recovered 3 x GTs, 2 x AA guns, 5 x AK47 rifles, one x HK MG and one x HK MG links were recovered.

“At about 131745A Nov 21, the WIA were evacuated to 7 DMSH for further medical Management. Reinforcement team returned to HQ 25TF Bde Damboa at about 2000hours same day. Please find pictures attached. One of the major elements in battle is the Commander. Commanders of 25TF and 28TF Brigades put up amazing direction of command leading troops into battle.

“Unfortunately, the 25TF Brigade Commander lost his life in the process. It is quite heroic but not to good that commanders are found in the fore front to lead battles. If the command should fall, then troops have not direction or fighting spirit. It is one of the rules of warfare that the battle could have been lost if a commander is killed; hence soldiers could retreat.

It should be note that ISWAP intends to follow this suit by targeting commanders. Commanders are now eager to motivate and inspire soldiers where moral is low. It is only significant that troops be always encouraged to show professionalism in the face of existing threats to fight without recourse the enemy of the State. Such motivational aspects of military trade craft should be encouraged as well as discipline while the Commanders highly directs and request appropriate from ASA need items and CAS to support the battle. Kindly forwarded for your information.”

The ISWAP in a statement released on Sunday night had claimed 17 soldiers were killed.

According to the group, 13 soldiers were killed when its fighters attacked troops at a military base in Askira town while four others including Brigadier General Zirkus were killed during an ambush at Bulguma, a few kilometres from Askira.

ISWAP added that it razed down the army camp, a four-wheel vehicle and another armored vehicle parked inside the base.

The militants also said another vehicle, a tank, different weapons, and ammunition were captured during the incident

Imo State Gov. Receive Isreali Investors.

 The Executive Governor of Imo State Senator Hope Uzodinma on Thursday, in his office received a consortium of Israeli multinational companies led by Engr Eyal Elimelech the President of Nibor Enterprises Israel Ltd.

 Governor Uzodinma who was delighted over the visit assured them that the Imo state government will partner and provide the necessary assistance needed to ensure that the Israeli consortium/ investors establish their businesses as quickly as possible without any obstacles like bureaucratic bottlenecks.

He stated that  the world class expertise of the state of Israel in many sectors such as modern mechanized farming, science and technology, urban estate development and general construction which the Israeli consortium expressed interest will be highly welcome.

 The Imo state Chief Executive further hinted that Imo state is blessed with numerous human  and natural resources seating with the largest natural gas deposit in West Africa as well as good soil, hospitality and friendly weather that can support agriculture. He expressed his desire to revive the Avutu Modern Poultry to function maximally so that his administration can fulfill his promise of jobs and wealth creation.

He advised the investors to formally itemise whatsoever  assistance they wanted from Imo state government that will help the state government to fast track and enhance their  speedy take off to establish their presence in Imo state.

 Hon Elder Aloysius Nnawugo the Special Adviser to the Governor on Diaspora Matters who facilitated the Israeli investors through his office commended the Israeli consortium for their desire and commitment to establish in Imo despite numerous challenges which affected their early scheduled visit due to travelled restrictions as a result of Corona virus disease.

He said his office is poised to ensure that any serious investor from the Diaspora get the necessary opportunity, attention and support they deserve through his office to enable them formally discuss  their businesses/investment with the state government for mutual benefit and understanding 

 Engr Eyal Elimelech the leader of the business delegation and President of Nibor Enterprises Israel Ltd in his address described their visit to Imo state as a home coming and thanked the Imo state governor Sen. Hope Uzodinma for his hospitality and warm reception accorded to them in Imo and assured that his team is very willing and ready to establish their investments in Imo state in collaboration with the government and people of Imo state.

He stated that his team have interest to invest in various sectors such as Mechanized Farming and Agricultural development such as Poultry and animal husbandry production, Housing and Estate development, Modern Hospital well equipped to provide and attract medical tourism in the state as well as general construction.

 He opined that his team have their headquarters in Jerusalem, Israel and other corporate offices and establishments in New York, USA, Dubai in USA as well as several African countries which includes Kenya, Ethiopia and Senegal among others.

Engr Eyal assured that he will provide and itemise their request formally  as advised by the  Governor Senator Hope Uzodinma as soon as possible to enable the partnership with the state government quickly and officially formalize and approve 

 Engr. Edward Zilberberg  the Managing Director Nibor Enterprises Israel Ltd further added that the People of State of Israel are very practical people just like Imo people who strive to promotes and provide human capital development that assist in industrial and technological development.

 He stated that the collaboration with Imo state government if finally established shall be a stepping stone to provide Isreali latest technology  and innovation in various sectors Nigeria. 

 Mr Kingsley Ukachukwu Okoronkwo JP the representative of Israeli Consortium in Nigeria in his vote of thanks commended the commitment and cooperation of Imo state government to create jobs for her teeming youth through industrial development just like the time of Dr Michael Okpara and Chief Sam Mbakwe of the blessed memory who developed and provided the necessary enabling environment for industrial growth in Eastern Nigeria and old Imo state respectively. 

He said he will ensure that latest Israeli technology is develop in Imo as a result of the long term partnership which the Israeli consortium is requesting from the Imo state government in various sectors. 

 He further hinted that more Companies from Israel will be motivated to establish their presence as a result of formal outcome of the Israeli consortium collaboration with Imo state government. Other Imo indigenes who accompanied the team include Deputy Comptroller Tony Akuneme who facilitated their immigration process and comrade Azubuike Chikanele.

How the US President will escape using Bunkers if White House is under attack.

The United States of America has always been a country that respects protocols and follows rules of engagement in the reality of the politics, security agencies, and even it’s military. This means that the country has rules and protocols for every single thing no matter how trivial they might seem or how insignificant they might appear. For instance, America has a large-scale plan that involves escape routes and escape plans for the President of the country if ever the country faces a threat that breaches its several layers of military security and begins to attack the country, overriding every security force that bears the American logo. 

Interestingly, one wouldn’t have ever thought not in the slightest that the American nation, a nation that prides itself in its security and ability to secure its citizens and especially its top officials, would be the one to put together a plan in an attempt to keep the president safe in case of an attack. This means that the country must have witnessed something at some point that made pointing together a plan to keep the president safe in the face of a hypothetical danger. According to some sources, the need for said elaborate plan started after the attacks on the likes of Abraham Lincoln, the breaching of the United States, and the attack of the White House by the British at some point and of course, the attack during the time of James Madison. These made it necessary for the President’s security to have a plan where it would work together with several security agencies to secure the president in case of danger, especially when it involves an attack on the nation generally. 

According to sources, these security protocols and plans involve the use of security or secret passageways, military bunkers, some said to have been constructed to withstand forces of nuclear weapons. Sources claim that the creation of constructions of these passageways started during the administration of former president, Eisenhower. It is believed that at the time the country especially many of its citizens were facing the threat of war that struck fear in the hearts of millions of them. To counter their fear or perhaps build on it, they decided to begin to build fallout shelters in case an attack that at the time seemed possible ever happened. Of course, as the country and its people were building these fall-out shelters, the president commissioned bunkers to ensure the safety of himself and others who would come after him. 

This initiative proved useful as it turned out to have created some sort of emergency passageways for the United States, making it easy for him to escape from any part of the country at any time, using these Underground bunkers that seem to connect through to each in a fashion that makes his safety and escape a priority. According to the New York Post, these bunkers are fitted for this special reason, ensuring the President’s safety and his ability to keep control as the leader of the free world. This means that the president remains safe in an unknown location(s) but is also able to communicate with those who require his command and countries that might be allies or enemies of the United States. 

For this to be possible, it would mean that the said military bunkers would be fitted with means of communication and access to satellites and means of communication of all sorts, as well internet access, as stated by the New York Post. Of course, since the idea is to keep the president safe and to ensure he remains the leader of the free world, the plan often involves him being transported from these bunkers, in secret aircraft that according to Washington posts are designed as some sort of Mobile Command Center, fitted with communication services that allow the president reach required channels. There is also, well, supposedly a ship with the same feature that is accessible just in case the aircraft is unable to function.

GOP Sen. Todd Young said in his press release that the CCP’s interjection with the bill would only fuel its passage.

A senator from Indiana said that Chinese President Xi Jinping is afraid of his new bill that would invest in U.S. technologies, citing Xi’s fear as the reason China is lobbying against it.

Sen. Todd Young, R-Ind., torched Xi as being “scared” of his new bill in a Monday press release, saying Xi’s fear is the reason behind reports of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) “pressuring American business leaders to oppose” the United States Innovation and Competition Act.

The report also said that China threatened the market shares of companies if they didn’t sink Young’s bill.


Chinese President Xi Jinping, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, addresses a central conference on work related to people’s congresses, held from Oct. 13 to Oct. 14 in Beijing, capital of China. (Wang Ye/Xinhua via Getty Images)

“Xi Jinping does not want this bill to become law,” Young said in his press release. “He is scared — rightfully so — that the U.S. will once again surge ahead when USICA becomes law.”

“The Chinese Communist Party knows that when we invest in American ingenuity, there is no nation in the world that can out-innovate the United States,” he continued.

Reuters reported that China has been putting pressure on American business leaders to oppose bills relating to the country.

President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the debt ceiling during an event in the State Dining Room of the White House, Monday, Oct. 4, 2021, in Washington.  (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Young’s bill passed the Senate in June with a 68-32 margin.

According to the release, Young’s bill — also called the Endless Frontier Act — would “invest $29 billion over the next five years through the National Science Foundation in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and more.”

Additionally, the bill “includes critical funding for the CHIPS Act to address the worsening semiconductor shortage.”


Ahead of Biden’s virtual summit with Xi Jinping Monday night, Young released a statement to Fox News slamming the Biden administration for “too much collaboration, and not enough competition” with China.

“From President Biden’s inattentiveness to defense spending while China tests hypersonic missiles to using valuable diplomatic energy pursuing their climate agenda at the expense of American workers and consumers, the Biden Administration has let Democratic rhetoric prevail in the face of Chinese aggression,” Young said.

“Tonight is an opportunity for President Biden to turn the ship around,” Young continued. “In their conversation, I hope the President delivers an unequivocal defense of Taiwan and confronts Beijing for pursuing authoritarian aims in the region and around the globe.”

Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Todd Young (R-IN) speaks to reporters following the Senate Republican policy luncheon which both President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence attended on March 10, 2020 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images)

Young said in his release that the CCP’s interjection with the bill would only fuel its passage.

“Absent from these letters are any reasons why USICA will be bad for America — only bad for the Chinese Community Party,” Young wrote. “Passage of this bipartisan legislation will create high-paying jobs for Americans, supercharge our nation’s military and technological capabilities, and ensure the Chinese Communist Party’s illiberal sphere of influence does not continue to grow unchecked.

President Biden is set to meet with Xi on Monday night during a summit in which Biden said he would not “hold back.”

China’s intrusion into American politics underscores the scuffling the communist country is attempting to influence U.S. policy and position itself ahead in the global market

China Ambition weigh down by challenges.

The Chinese Communist Party-affiliated armed forces are expected to assume an increased role in foreign policy too. The policy document expects a much more integrated civilian and defence industrial complex, including R&D, to seamlessly make substantial capabilities available to either sector. Also envisaged is the interchangeable use of civilian and military infrastructure.

Beautiful Image
Ominous: China plans to accelerate the development of the People’s Liberation Army. Reuters

ENCRoACHING upon Indian territory in Arunachal Pradesh, the Chinese military has built a large village along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), as per a Pentagon report. The military dialogues with India have so far only resulted in limited disengagement. A just-released annual Pentagon assessment report to the US Congress highlights China’s military preparedness and expected defence force accretions. The document sets forth “strategic, military and ideological views” on the global balance of power. The ongoing LAC standoff with India could also be seen as an exercise to rehearse some of these new doctrines, such as plans for Tibet, Xinjiang and its Western Theatre Command. Chinese President Xi Jinping targets overtaking US military and political power by 2049, the centenary of the 1949 Chinese Revolution. The Chinese revisionist policies revolve around ‘dual circulation’ of generating increased domestic demand for goods to drive its national economy. The backbone of this is to be the One Belt One Road (OBOR) venture to link up globally to all its allies.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-affiliated armed forces are expected to assume an increased role in foreign policy too. The policy document expects a much more integrated civilian and defence industrial complex, including R&D, to seamlessly make substantial capabilities available to either sector. Also envisaged is the interchangeable use of civilian and military infrastructure (such as the use of national highways for air operations) as also for defence logistics and production, besides fast military mobilisation and joint operations revolving around ‘intelligentisation’, involving technological, electronic, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cyber warfare capabilities. Chemical and biological research and employment are other dangerous portents of the PLA’s new-found defence doctrine. Despite having signed the Chemical Warfare Convention (CWC) and ratified it in 1997, China now claims that its adherence to CWC norms would not be verifiable. This needs to be seen in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and China’s alleged role in having let the virus escape a defence laboratory. Another focus area for China is intelligence as many of its state-of-the-art military technologies are said to be stolen from the West, specifically the US, via espionage. This, however, can be expected to be drastically curtailed as the CIA is specifically targeting Chinese agents to prevent loss of information from its industrial complex.

The Pentagon report further mentions the planned accelerated development of the PLA which, willy-nilly, had lagged behind its Air Force and Navy in recent times. The PLA Navy is already the largest global entity in terms of seaborne combat assets. Now whilst the new Chinese military aspirations would seem menacing to its neighbours and rivals, this is akin to a ‘white paper’ seeking to guide her to long-term aspirations, and there would be many a slip between the cup and the lip. India’s defence spending is just a third of China’s, and we need to see what are the hurdles in the way of Chinese ‘big power’ dreams. The biggest worry would be its leadership model. Xi Jinping is now a ‘triple barrel’ Chief, leading the Party as its General Secretary , the country as its President and the Central Military Commission as its Chairman. With a leadership tussle being talked of, the CCP-orchestrated system is highly vulnerable to being upstaged by another autocratic ruler. Social media is rife with comparisons of the Chinese strongman with Adolf Hitler in his leadership style and ambitions.

The other serious challenge is the downturn expected in the Chinese economy, what with the recent collapse of real estate giants such as Evergrande. Several more small and medium corporates are expected to come crumbling down, thanks to their unmanageable debt structures, should the Evergrande fiasco be repeated. Besides, the government’s attempts to slow down real estate growth post this collapse could lead to markedly low GDP in the coming years. Speculative real estate deals have been the main reason for China’s dramatic growth story over the past decade, thanks to increased employment and revenue collection, contributing to nearly a quarter of the country’s GDP, considerably larger than of the US. The challenges posed by the project delays in OBOR in countries such as Maldives, Indonesia and Pakistan would ultimately take their toll on the Chinese economy. Progressive entrepreneurs such as Jack Ma of Ali Baba are said to be running foul with the CCP and the establishment due to conflict of interest. High-handed methods of a strong communist system may alone be insufficient to keep corporate discipline intact. The so-called successful Chinese communistic ‘democracy’ could well do a humpty dumpty sooner than expected.

Other issues currently weighing down Chinese ambitions are the tensions with the US over Taiwan and tensions in the Indo-Pacific with the Quad countries. The possibility of hostilities over the Taiwan standoff has led to panic buying in China as the government has asked its citizens to stock up on essential supplies.

Regardless of its A2AD (Anti-Access Area Denial) defensive doctrine, an amphibious assault against Taipei is not a possibility as of now, considering China’s limited military amphibious landing capabilities and an expected riposte from the US. Sino-US ties would be critical over the next two decades. A modus vivendi setting boundaries for competition and cooperation may be the way ahead. The nation that best manages domestic challenges whilst showing global leadership would enjoy success. This policy paper on China may remain wishful thinking of a belligerent autarchy. Frustrations on this score could mean continued border incidents along the LAC with India and constant game-playing on other Indo-Pak issues.

Chinese leader warns US president against encouraging independence of Taiwan.

Chinese President Xi Jinping speaks via video link at the CPC and World Political Parties Summit, held to commemorate the 100th founding anniversary of Communist Party of China (CPC), in Beijing, China in this still image taken from a video July 6, 2021. CCTV via Reuters TV

Chinese President Xi Jinping told his United States counterpart Joe Biden during a virtual meeting on Monday that encouraging independence of Taiwan would be like “playing with fire”, the BBC reported.

China sees Taiwan – a self-governed territory – as a province that is to be unified with the mainland.

“We have the patience and will strive for the prospect of peaceful reunification [of Taiwan] with utmost sincerity and efforts,” Xi said, according to The Global Times. “But if the separatist forces for ‘Taiwan independence’ provoke us, force our hands or even cross the red line, we will be compelled to take resolute measures.”

During the three-hour-long call between the presidents, Biden urged Xi to resolve human rights violations in Taiwan. In a statement released by the White House, Biden said that the United States opposed “unilateral efforts” of China to disturb peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

Meanwhile, Biden also discussed the importance of a free and open Indo-Pacific – he recalled the necessity of freedom of navigation and safe overflight to the region’s prosperity.

The United States also opposed the human rights violations in Xinjiang, Tibet, and Hong Kong, according to the statement released from the White House. Biden also said that the American workers and industries need to be protected from China’s unfair trade and economic practices.

Xi replied to Biden’s statement saying that the United States needed to stop “abusing the concept of national security to oppress Chinese companies”, Reuters reported.

During the virtual meeting, Biden also emphasised the need to manage strategic risks. He called for “common-sense guardrails” so that competition between India and China did not turn into conflict.

Xi said that the United States and China as the world’s two largest economies and permanent members of the United Nations Security Council need to increase communication and cooperation, AFP reported.

The United States and China have had differences on many matters since Biden assumed office in January.

The Biden administration has maintained the trade tariffs on China imposed by former US President Donald Trump in 2018. The tariffs – a tax imposed on imported goods – allow the president to restrict foreign commerce that “unfairly burdens” the US.

The US and China had also criticised each other’s policies at high-level talks in Alaska in March – the first since Biden took office.

The US, India, Japan and Australia have sought to boost their cooperation because of China’s increasing power. The countries had held their first meeting as Quad grouping in September. Biden hosted the meeting at the White House.

How Nigeria recovered loot from UK, Switzerland, US – FG.

Abubakar Malami

Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Mr. Abubakar Malami (SAN)

The Federal Government has given an insight into how preventive measures adopted to check corruption and manage recovered stolen assets had brought about the repatriation of some stolen funds stashed away overseas.

Such funds included the $322.515 million in Switzerland, $311.7 million in the United States, €5.4 million Euros in Northern Ireland, €4,214,017.66 in the United Kingdom and another $200 million.

The Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, according to a statement issued on Tuesday by his Special Assistant (Media and Public Relations), Dr. Umar Gwandu, stated these during the 2021 annual public lecture in New York organised by the Centre for Media and Peace Initiative, New York, United States of America, Monday.

According to him, being an Africa Union Champion in the fight against corruption, the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), has endeavoured under his regime to fight corruption in all its ramifications through legislative framework.

He said that outstanding successes recorded by the regime in international asset recovery could be a template for other African countries in the fight against graft.

Malami said, “Various steps have been taken in terms of legislative frameworks, establishment of institutions and policy measures targeted at combatting corruption, regional cooperation and ensuring good governance for the benefit of citizens.

“In 2017, the signing of a trilateral agreement with Switzerland and the World Bank enabled the recovery of $322.515 million. 

“In 2020, a total sum of $311.7 million was returned to Nigeria after signing another trilateral agreement with the U.S.A and Bailiwick of Jersey. 

“Also in the year 2020, 5.4 million Euros was recovered in March emanating from an agreement signed with Northern Island. 

“The Federal Government was able to recover from the UK the sum of €4,214,017.66 connected to the family of James Ibori. 

“Additional recoveries to the tune of $200 million are being anticipated subject to the settlement of litigation of which the Ministry of Justice is attending to presently.”

Malami said the present regime was able to achieve the successes due to political will, funding, legislation, institutional support, and Executive Orders by President Buhari. 

“The Buhari’s approach to fight against corruption has been one of three cardinal pillars of our campaign promises, the others are economic and security development”, the minister said.

He stressed that Nigeria had taken anti-corruption measures in tackling cybercrime, money laundering, oil bunkering and false assets declaration among others.

The AGF said that the Federal Government had developed the National Anti-Corruption Strategy and guidelines for smooth implementation of the strategy which has five pillars of prevention of corruption, public engagement, ethical re-orientation, enforcement and sanction, and recovery and management of proceeds of crime.

“I am pleased to inform this gathering that the Federal Government of Nigeria has recovered funds from corporate bodies and individuals through the combined efforts of the Office of the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice and our law enforcement agencies through local and international collaboration with international community and adoption of strategies put in place”, he said.

The minister said that former state governors, senators and ministers including some members of the ruling All Progressives Congress were not spared in the fight against corruption. 

“Currently, high profile personalities including judicial officers and former governors indicted for corruption have been or are being prosecuted. We have some former top government officials convicted and serving various jailterms for corruption-related crimes while in office”, he said. 

While arguing that the stance of Nigeria in the anti-corruption struggle has been adjudged to be recording tremendous success, Malami said that the position was upheld by credible International organisations including the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crimes.

The minister said the consequential effects of the approach of the Buhari regime in the fight against corruption was reflective in the UNODC 2019  corruption survey report titled:  “Corruption in Nigeria: Patterns and trends.”

He said the report alluded to a decrease in bribery which was the bedrock of corruption and also established Nigeria’s leadership in the fight against corruption.

prevent and counter corruption in its various manifestations have earned Mr. President the role of the African Union’s anti-corruption champion. This survey is yet another example of Nigeria’s leadership in the fight against corruption and is testimony to the seriousness of purpose of the government’s anti-corruption agenda.”

Malami therefore called on Africans in both public and private sectors to aspire from the inspiration and understand that integrity pays above acquiring illegal monies from corrupt practices. 

“I hereby reiterate Nigeria’s call for a strong institutionalised body that could join forces together with African countries to fight corruption. Collaboration in support for institutions, development of international and regional strategies and guidelines will go a long way in addressing the menace of corruption”, he said.