Orji said reasons why Northern elite endorse Him for Presidency 2023.

Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu.

Orji Kalu the ex – governor of Abia state who was Progressive People’s Alliance (PPA) party’s presidential candidate in the April 2007 general election has revealed that some northern group is drumming support for him to contest for the position of Nigeria president.

He made this known to the public when he was encouraging the Igbos to work with President Buhari to find a way to make amends and remove sentiments so that in the remaining two years the current administration can do more federal projects that will bring more development in the eastern region.

However, there are 2 points Orji Kalu made in his statement on why some Northerners are showing support for him to run for president.

He said northern groups are drumming support for him to vie for the presidential seat because they found him worthy to deliver good governance to the nation.

Orji Kalu also made it known to Nigerians that northerners find me worthy and as a man of sincerity because they know whatever he say, he will do, and whatever he says he will not do, he will not do it.

As the 2023 presidential election is getting closer, the northern elders forum has also said the north would back any credible candidate from the region who understands the problem, possesses the capacity to solve them (challenges) and can build bridges across the country.

2023 general election will be the time for Nigerians to choose who will be taking over from President Buhari to rule the country for another 4 years. Nigerians should look beyond political party, they should vote without religious or ethnic sentiment for any presidential candidate. Nigerians should listen to what each aspirants have to offer to the nation and vote wisely during the election.

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