Nigeria: Imo state government and Nigeria army contradicted each others account of clash between military and unknown gunmen.

The crisis in Awo-Omamma in the Oru East Local Government Area, Imo State, which claimed the life of a soldier and led to the destruction of shops and houses on Monday has led to more controversies as the military and Imo State Government gave contradictory accounts of what happened.

Earlier on, the Imo State GGovernment spoke through a statement issued by the state Commissioner of Information and Strategy, Declan Emelumba. The Imo State Government condemned the killing of a soldier in the state by unknown gunmen, however, the Imo State Government also condemned the military for retaliating and burning down shops and houses in the Imo State community.

However, the Nigerian military has made it clear that they never burnt down any houses in Imo State. The Nigerian military claimed that they engaged some IPOB/ESN members who were causing damages in Imo State on Monday by trying to enforce the sit-at-home order imposed on the people of the state. The Nigerian military also said that they managed to disperse the rampaging IPOB/ESN members who were burning houses and destroying shops in Imo state. In retaliation for the intervention of the military, the IPOB members attacked the soldiers and killed one of them.

The contradiction in the accounts of the sad event as told by the Nigerian military and the Imo State Government is rather confusing. The known facts is that a military man was killed by some unknown persons, while houses and shops were burnt down in Imo State. However, the Imo State Government seems to think that the Nigerian military retaliated to the killing of its member by burning houses and shops, while the Military says that the house and shops were burnt by ESN/IPOB members. Considering how sensitive this incident is, there is need for the Imo State Government and the Nigerian military to come together and investigate the incident so that they can come out with a unified account of what truly happened in Imo State.

It is true that the dead can’t be brought back to life and the hands of time can’t be turned to avert the destruction of shops and houses in Imo State, however, an in-depth investigation will bring out a clearer account of what happened in Imo State so that the military and the Imo State Government can come out with a plan to help prevent such an ugly incident from happening again. The contradictory accounts of what happened in Imo State as narrated by the military and the Imo State Government is confusing and when such confusion abounds, it will be more difficult to get to the main issue and sort things out.

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