A three gang fraudstars bags a year jail term, and a fine of Dhs5.194 million in Dubai.

The Court of Misdemeanors in Dubai sentenced a gang of 3 Arab and Asian nationals to one year in prison and fined them Dhs5.194 million for defrauding a GCC national of an amount equal to the fine on the pretext of a fake vehicle deal.

The convicts would be deported from the country after serving the terms, the court ordered.

The details of the case date back to last September, when a GCC investor filed a complaint with the police stating that he had been defrauded and his money was seized by a sales representative and others.

He explained that they had offered a deal to buy 200 vehicles worth Dhs5.194 million, but it was a fake deal.

According to the victim’s testimony in the investigations, the main convict in the case (a sales representative) offered to sell him 200 vehicles and transport them to his home country at a price lower than their original value.

He was then accompanied by the convict and another person to a yard, where they showed him vehicles of the same type in the deal and presented to him documents proving that the company he worked for owned those vehicles.

Accordingly, the victim endorsed a cheque worth (Dhs 800,000) as down payment until the deal is closed.

The victim after that signed a contract and paid the full value of the vehicles to the three convicts, including the daughter of the main convict through bank transfers.

While, part of the amount was delivered to the main convict in cash.

After several months the vehicles were not shipped to the victim, so he filed a complaint with  the police who arrested the convicts and interrogated them, followed by their referral  to the Public Prosecution and then to the competent court.


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