Police manhandle a civilian for questioning them in Kwara State.

Kwara State government under the leadership of Governor Abdulrazaq to contain banditry and insecurity in the state, a recent report  has revealed how some officers of the G Division Police in illorin, Kwara State reportedly arrested a man and manhandled him for questioning them.

The report has it that the said victim was arriving from his shop when the police officers stopped him and other motorcyclists and seized their motorcycles after informing them that the state government had restricted the operations of motorcycles after 10:00pm.

The man who was identified as Jamiu however tried to question the officers while explaining that it was only some minutes past 9:00pm but instead he was beaten up and dragged by the police officers to their station.

In the light of this development, it may interest us to recall how the Nigerian Police Force has always reiterated the need for every Nigerian to see the police as their friend and work towards supporting them in any possible way they can amid the fight against insecurity.

The NPF had always charged Nigerians to ask questions whenever they are confronted by an officer on duty so far they know they’re innocent, stressing that it’s part of their fundamental human rights.

Consequently, following the incident that took place in Kwara where Jamiu was reportedly beaten and arrested for questioning some officers on duty in the state, one wouldn’t be exaggerating when one says that the officers responsible for such acts inadvertently tried to rubbish the assertions that police is our friend.


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