The G.O of Winers Chapel David Oyedepo got dragged by strange worshipper while preaching at the alter.

It was a bizarre situation recently as a strange man ascended the pulpit at Living Faith Church, Canaanland, Ogun state and drag pastor Bishop David Oyedepo on his leg.

The incident occurred two Sundays before the Shiloh programme organised by the church last week.

A top source from the church told Oneworld NEWS that the man came through the Love wing entrance of the church and tactically, was able to access the altar while Oyedepo was preaching.

David Oyedepo

There was a lapse in security as the huge crowd at the fourth service saw the strange man in white suit, made his way to the altar.

In a video obtained by PM NEWS, the man held Bishop Oyedepo on one of his legs and was dragging him and would have brought him down before the security officers quickly intervened.

The security men and some leaders on the altar, including Oyedepo’s son David had to forcefully pulled the man away from the Bishop to prevent him from falling on the altar.

The man was bundled out of the church and was given the beating of his life by Oyedepo’s security operatives.

Since that ugly incident, security had been beefed up in the church and it was tighter at the just concluded Shiloh.

The security operatives who were on duty when the incident occurred have been changed.


One person have been confirmed dead in Britain after being infected with the Omicron varian.

One person have been confirmed dead in Britain after being infected with the Omicron variant, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday, as the country launched an ambitious Covid booster shot programme to stop the spread of the virus.

The Britain js among the countries worst hit by the global health crisis since last year is believed to be the first government to officially announce a death from the virus mutation.

On a visit to a vaccination centre in west London, Johnson said Omicron accounted for about 40 percent of the cases in the British capital, and hospital admissions were rising.

Sadly, at least one patient has been confirmed to have died with Omicron,” he told reporters, a day after warning the country was facing a “tidal wave of infection.

The Britain on Sunday sounded the alarm by raising the national covid-19 Alert Level because of high levels and rising rates of transmission.

In a rare televised address, Johnson said emergency measures were needed to prevent hospitals becoming overwhelmed in the weeks ahead.

All adults will now be able to receive a third dose of a Covid vaccine by the end of December after the government brought forward its deadline by one month.

But in a sign of huge demand, the National Health Service (NHS) vaccination booking site crashed and users requesting rapid testing kits were told they were out of stock.

“I don’t know if it’s going to be enough. I was told there is a queue of two hours to register and then two hours to get vaccinated,” one woman waiting in a queue in London told AFP.

The accelerated booster programme includes military planners running extra vaccination centres around the clock.

Some 500,000 booster jabs were given on Saturday but to hit the new deadline that number will have to be doubled every day for the remainder of the year to slow the spread.

Concerns have mounted about a new wave because of indications that two jabs are less effective against infection than three.

The World Health Organization said on Sunday that the Omicron coronavirus variant is more transmissible than the Delta strain and reduces vaccine efficacy but causes less severe symptoms according to early data. 

There were 1,239 confirmed cases of the variant recorded in Britain on Sunday and scientists have said numbers are doubling every two to three days.

Johnson’s intervention on Sunday sought to refocus attention on the pandemic, after a week in which he and staff were accused of breaking Covid rules last year.

Claims of illegal Christmas parties at Downing Street and across government departments have been seen as undermining public health messaging.

Johnson is also facing a large rebellion from within his Conservative party at a vote in parliament to make the new rules law on Tuesday.

Many Tory MPs are unhappy that freedoms are being restricted again and even cut further. The vote, though, is likely to pass with opposition Labour support.


NSA has urged Islamic clerics, teachers and Imams to deploy their vantage positions to canvas support for ongoing counter-terrorism operations.

Nigeria National Security Adviser (NSA), Major General Babagana Monguno (rtd), has said that Jama’at Nasr al-Islam Wal Muslimin (JNIM), the Islamic and Muslim Support Group (GSIM), and ISGS are the terror groups perpetrating terror activities in northern Nigeria and other Sahel countries.

NSA has urged Islamic clerics, teachers and Imams to deploy their vantage positions to canvas support for ongoing counter-terrorism operations.

He observed that alliances between the clerics and security forces should be the backbone to rebuilding our terrorism infested communities.

Nigeria NSA spoke at the 14th Workshop of the League of Ulamas, Preachers, and Imams of Sahel countries in Abuja.

Terrorism and the rapid escalation of violent activities by militant Islamist groups in the Sahel since 2016 have been primarily driven by the Islamic State in Greater Sahara (ISGS), which mainly operates in Mali and extends to the Niger Republic and Burkina Faso.

It is carried out by activities of groups such as Jama’at Nasr al-Islam Wal Muslimin (JNIM), the Islamic and Muslim Support Group (GSIM), and ISGS, which have continued to pose an imminent threat to the stability of the region.

In Nigeria, Boko-Haram and Islamic State of West Africa Province (ISWAP) dominate terrorist activities, especially in the North-Eastern part of the country.

The situation in the Sahel has never been grimmer, extremist violence continues to spread; the number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) is growing, and food insecurity is affecting more people than ever before.

There are several not entirely congruent working hypothesis underpinning foreign and regional government strategies”.

NSA added It is imperative to reassess and reset the strategy towards the Sahel, setting aside faulty assumption.

Particularly, the international community and its Sahelian partners should prioritize governance, press for or pursue an expanded peace process, cautiously through dialogue, and push for the adoption of more non-kinetic measures through affected communities.

Nevertheless, the possibility of Islamic State of West Africa Province (ISWAP) creating an established caliphate to rival Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC) countries has been checkmated by series of concerted and reinvigorated efforts of the countries of the Region.

The adoption of both kinetic and non-kinetic approaches by LCBC countries to stem the conflict has yielded tremendous success.

The adoption of propaganda videos by Terrorist groups to project themselves as contending powers in the region is a mere attempt to garner support from sympathizers, as they struggle to maintain relevance.

Thus, it is assessed that while the groups maintain the long-term strategic goal of creating a caliphate, the efforts of LCBC countries will continue to frustrate that goal.

In that regard, it is imperative that Ulamas, Preachers, and Community Leaders in your localities key in to support efforts of our Security Forces, in order to end this menace. Just as collaborations between governments are boosting the advance of Security Forces in the fight against terrorism, alliances and group efforts like LOPIS should be the backbone to rebuilding our terrorism-infested communities.

There’s no gun more powerful than enlightenment and education at the grass-root level.


Katsina state governor and his statesmen pay president Buhari emergency visit in Aso Villa Abuja.

The governor of Katrina state meet with Mr. President in Aso Villa Abuja to discuss the solution to the high killing of civillians in the state.

The governor told Mr. President about the collaboration plan among him and Other governors of northwestern states to profer solution to the security challenges in the region.

According to him, if each state in the region adopts different security policies, bandits and terrorists will continue to get away with their crimes.

Speaking to State House Correspondents after he led a delegation of elders from Katsina to a closed-door meeting with the president at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, Masari said: ‘I think what is most important for us to succeed in fighting these bandits is for all of us in the States, especially the northwestern states to take the pains and work together to make sure that we block their accesses.

But if one state has a policy and another has a different one, certainly bandits/terrorist will always be moving from one state to another. Luckily enough, we are already working closely with states that border us, like Nasarawa and Niger, to bring the problem to a manageable and tolerable level.

Commenting on the recent killing of one of his Commissioners, the Katsina governor said the incident had nothing to do with banditry, adding that it was purely an assassination case.

Masari assured the family of the deceased and citizens of the State that security agents are working hard to unravel the cause of the murder.

The incident we had last week had nothing to do with banditry attack it was purely an assassination by unknown killers, which the Police and other security agencies are working round the clock to unravel what happened.

Because my commissioner was killed by an unknown assassin and not a single pin was stolen in his house so, you could see that this was a pure crime that has to be fully investigated for us to know the root causes and why,’ he said.

Masari said with the measures put in place by security agencies operating in Katsina State, against banditry, there is an improvement.

I think if we are talking about banditry, certainly we have seen some improvement; we cannot say normalcy has returned but there is an improvement.

When we had a comparative analysis before the issuance of the security containment order, what we saw in three months when we compared, was a drastic drop of over 100 per cent in terms of the rate of kidnappings, killings and their associated crimes with banditry. So, the incident we had last week had nothing to do with banditry,’ he stressed.


Gen. Lucky Irabor Nigeria CDS, has taken bold step to promote talented, younger military officers.

The Nigeria’s Chief of Defense Staff, Gen. Lucky Irabor, has taken a bold and wise step to promote talented, younger military officers.

About 50 Patriotic Generals in the Army, Navy and Air force will now make their exit for younger officers whose growth was previously stunted by the logjam at the top.

Women rights group also report that the decision taken by Gen. Irabor has created the biggest opportunity in Nigeria’s history for women serving in the armed forces to climb the leadership position.


Bandit terrorist have released 15 abducted church members in Baptist Church in Kaduna.

15 of the 66 abducted worshipers of Emmanuel Baptist Church, Kakau Daji in Kaduna State have regained freedom from their abductors.

Recall that, suspected bandits had kidnapped 66 worshippers at the church in the Chikun Local Government Area of the state during church hours on October 31, 2021. The bandits had killed members of the church before taking others into captivity.

Rev Dr Israel Adelani Akanji, the President of Nigerian Baptist Convention, who announced the release of the students on his verified Facebook page on Tuesday, did not say whether ransom was paid or not.

Glory be to God. I rejoice to inform you that the remaining 15 members of Emmanuel Baptist Church, Kakau Daji, Kaduna, regained their freedom in the evening yesterday, December 13, 2021, he wrote.

They were kidnapped on Sunday, October 31, 2021. I wish to most sincerely appreciate your prayers, words of encouragement and financial support.

He further urged Christians to continue to pray for the remaining students of Bethel Baptist School who were kidnapped.

We are still awaiting the release of the remaining three students of Bethel Baptist High School, Kaduna, who were kidnapped on July 5, 2021. God bless you IJN, he concluded


Nigerian Man stabbed to death over refusal to share beer with three Indian youth.

35-year-old Nigerian man, identified as Victor, has been stabbed to death by three Indian youths over his refusal to share beer with them.

The three Indians, Arun, Philip Raj and Neelakantha were arrested on Monday by the police.

Treynae Campbell, 19, spent £19.99 on the 15-inch knife, similar to this, before handing it to the killer

Victor was killed in Bengaluru, capital of the Indian state of Karnataka on Sunday near Kullappa’s circle in Kammanahalli.

According to the police, the attack on the young man was impromptu by the three local residents.

The police added that Victor came to Bengaluru 10 years ago on a business visa and settled down in the east of Bengaluru locality after marrying a woman from the city.

He had purchased some beer bottles and was walking back home when he spotted Neelakantha, who was known to him.

The trio had been drinking alcohol for hours when Victor greeted them around 9:30pm. He borrowed a lighter from them and began to smoke. The group then began to chat. The trio noticed Victor carrying beer bottles.

They were almost out of alcohol and asked Victor to give them some of his, but he refused.

An argument ensued, and Victor pushed the trio aside and allegedly hit one of them with a bottle, the Times of India reported.

The trio thereafter pounced on him and used the same bottle to stab him in the neck near the shoulder, which led to his death.

The police said there were no other injuries to the body as an autopsy report was being awaited.

SD Sharanappa, Deputy Police Commissioner (East) said residents first told police that the killers were also Africans, but investigation and forensic evidence exposed the real culprits.

According to his wife, Victor traded in medical equipment.

The Banaswadi police said the trio had stabbed Victor in the chest and neck with a broken beer bottle. Victor died on the way to hospital.


Five suspected fighters have been killed in an airstrike operation in eastern Syria.

US military killed five suspected fighters in an airborne operation in eastern Syria’s Deir Az Zor province, according to the Kurdish forces.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a US-backed alliance of Kurdish and Arab fighters, which controls the semi-autonomous Kurdish region of northeastern Syria, said in a statement on Monday that the raid took place near the village of al-Busaira.

With backing from the US-led coalition, the raid targeted a hideout used by “a dangerous cell of the terrorist” ISIL (ISIS) armed group, the SDF said in a statement. The ISIL group, which had captured vast swaths of Syria and Iraq in 2014, was ended as a territorial unit in 2019 with the help of an international military coalition.

The SDF said gun battles ensued that led to the killing of five ISIL members, most of whom were wearing explosive belts.

Today SDF conducted an operation in Deir Ezzor Governorate removing four Daesh fighters from the battlefield & performing a controlled destruction of explosives. This operation furthers the continued efforts to provide safety and security to the region,” the US-led coalition said on Twitter, referring to ISIL by its Arabic acronym Daesh.

Syrian News Agency (SANA) earlier said American forces “kidnapped a number of civilians” in a “large airborne operation” near Deir Az Zor at dawn on Monday.

The state agency said that US troops had fired “indiscriminately” on houses, killing three civilians who were all members of one family.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a war monitor based in the UK which has a wide network of sources across Syria, said at least four people were killed.

The dead were members of the same family, including two who were shot by helicopter fire as they tried to flee on a motorbike, said Observatory head Rami Abdel Rahman.

Al-Busaira is a village that lies on the banks of the Euphrates, between the two main cities of Deir Az Zor and Mayadeen, in the middle of ISIL’s original heartland.

ISIL has continued to carry out attacks, launching frequent hit-and-run raids from desert hideouts on either side of the border with Iraq.


Brutality: Police shot dead a mechanic in Lagos.

According to an eyewitness, Promise was on his way home when he was struck by a bullet fired by a police officer who was part of the security team invited over by the brutalized lady.

The mother of Promise Tochukwu aka Daddy, a mechanic who was allegedly killed by a police officer at Opaleye Bridge, around Okoya Street, in Ifelodun Local Council Development Area of Lagos state is demanding justice for his death.

Oneworldnews reported that the incident occurred after a security team which included military men of Operation MESA, arrived the area.

The publication also reported that there are two versions of how the mechanic was shot to death. An eyewitness who identified herself as Esther, claimed the security operatives were invited after a man brutalised his girlfriend during an argument that degenerated into a fight.

Esther said Promise was on his way home when he was struck by a bullet fired by a police officer who was part of the security team invited over by the brutalized lady.

The incident happened on Monday morning; I had gone to drop my children at school and was on my way to the shop to pick something when I saw a girl bleeding profusely close to the Opaleye Bridge. People said the girl’s boyfriend was responsible for her injuries and that she called security operatives to arrest him.

When they got to the place, they took over the area; but the boyfriend was nowhere to be found. As I saw the soldiers and policemen, I stood back. But Promise, who was unaware of the situation, came out of the boundary area to connect to his grandma’s residence.

As the operatives saw him, they asked him to stop. When they observed that he was moving back as if he wanted to run, they shot him. It was a policeman in the team that shot him on the bridge. I went to inform his family.

A relative of the victim, Agnes, said Promise was taken to a traditional centre where two bullets were extracted from his body. He died while being being rushed to Orege General Hospital for further treatment.

I was at my mother’s place when Esther rushed in to inform us that Promise had been shot. I quickly stood up, rushed to the scene and saw OP MESA operatives driving away. I was shocked as I saw Promise lying on the ground in a pool of blood. He kept shouting that his chest was paining him and I saw that his left leg had been hit.

I stopped a vehicle and we rushed him to a man’s place where two bullets were extracted from his body. After the man was done, we were on our way to the Orege General Hospital for treatment when he died.

The operatives were saying he was mistakenly shot, but we could not do further investigation as we were all after saving his life till he died.

A community leader however told the publication that Promise was shot by policemen detailed to arrest hoodlums involved in a street fight which has been ongoing for five days.

The source who pleaded for anonymity, said the mechanic was shot after a vigilante pointed at him.

He said;

The street fight involved hoodlums from Okoya, Ezeago and Ayetoro streets. The area boys were fighting over a girl and also because of the amount they usually collect at illegal tollgates in the areas.

Policemen and vigilantes usually carry out regular raids and at times, they invite the OP MESA to support them. On that day, Promise was on his way home when one of the vigilantes fingered him to the police and he was shot in the leg.

After shooting him, they abandoned him and left. He died after the attack; but the police and the vigilantes have denied shooting him. Luckily for the family, they have extracted the bullets. The case was reported at the Layeni Police Station.

The mechanic’s mother, Bose who is now demanding justice, said her son died after losing a lot of blood.

Bose is demanding for a probe into her son’s death. She said;

I was at home when my sister informed me that Promise was shot and I was asked to send money for his treatment. I sent N15,000, but a few minutes later, my sister informed me that he had died. I didn’t believe it at first until I heard from another person. He has been buried.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, CSP Adekunle Ajisebutu countered the claim but added that it will be investigated.

Ajisebutu said;

No policeman shot anybody to the best of my knowledge. We have yet to receive a report of the incident. However, we will investigate it accordingly and do the needful.