Sen. Shehu Sani was on his twitter account express that Nigerians need to stop criticising Soldiers.

The Former Senator from Kaduna central, Shehu Sani was on his Twitter account to share the experience he had when he visited a patient in a military hospital.

In his tweet, Shehu Sani explained that he visited a civilian patient in a military hospital and he was opportuned to see soldiers that suffered physical damage to their bodies while on the front line of the battle against terrorists.

Shehu Sani said some of the soldiers he saw were deformed for the rest of their lives. Shehu Sani concluded his statement saying that we appreciate the great sacrifices of those soldiers and God bless them.

This is actually very sad, when people are sitting in theirs home saying the military is not doing anything to curb insecurity, soldiers are getting killed and getting injured for life at the battle field, all because they decided to serve this country and do it to the best of their ability. Imagine the kind pain those soldiers might be experiencing now. They are people’s family too.

We need to stop criticising and start to praise and appreciate our soldiers more, because it is not easy to do what they are doing, especially with reports that they are under equipped which is a very big disadvantage for them in the fight against terrorism.

We can’t pay them back for their sacrifices, but I’m sure that the God they serve will not forget them and he will bless them abundantly.


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