Bill Gate break silent on the alleged link to covid or creating it.

According to a report made available to oneworldnews, it was gathered that Bill Gate has been the subject of conspiracy theories and misinformation for a while now, with many people believing that he has a link to the Covid 19 Pandemic or that he is responsible for creating it.

However recently he finally spoke out about these theories. Here’s what he had to say.

Bill Gates was recently interviewed on Twitter, one of the things addressed in this interview was the misinformation surrounding Covid 19. To which Bill responded by saying that he never expected to be the focus of the misinformation.

As we can see, he first addresses how organizations need more resources to spread factual information before going on to talk about one of the conspiracy theories.

He talks about the theory where people claimed that Bill Gates used the vaccine to put Microchips in peoples arms and asked why he would want to do that.

The impression being given here is that the conspiracy theory is not true and was created by a third party with no real information. So as South Africans what should we do.

First and foremost we need to do what we should have been doing all this time and source our information from reliable websites. We need to rethink the information we currently have find new conclusions.

Conspiracy theories like this can harm the interests of people as it stops them from getting the life saving vaccine by spreading unconfirmed information and sometimes just lies.

So please do not spread any information until you are absolutely sure that it is true and educate people who are spreading the wrong information. So that we can help protect more people from the virus.

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