A female beggar arrested with 500,000 naira by FCT police.

According to a report by Joe Igbokwe, a woman named Hadiza Ibrahim was arrested begging in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, but surprisingly the woman was found in possession of N500,000 and $ 100, both of which belong to the woman.

Many Nigerians have reacted to her arrest and want to know her offense. Is saving money by beggars an offense? Or is there any law that says beggars must keep their money in the banks? Many Nigerians would only be worried if she has links with criminal groups.

The truth is that many street beggars make a lot of money and that is why they resist being taken to vocational schools for rehabilitation.

Their logic is that once you confine them in vocational schools, you deny them the opportunity to get money. It’s a mistake to think that they are begging for the sake of getting food to eat.

They are fed by the government at vocational schools, but they resist being taken there.


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