Flora Elasia Recio Noble was savagely stabbed to death by her estranged husband early Wednesday.

The killer of a mother of two was waiting in her house after stealing her keys when she walked through the door, police in Bronx area , New York have revealed.

Victim Flora Elasia Recio Noble was savagely stabbed to death by her estranged husband early Wednesday, February 16 after she arrived home to find the killer already inside her apartment, police said.

Police responding to a 911 call reached the victim’s residence on Noble Avenue , Brooklyn about 4:30 a.m. to discover Recio Noble’s body on the floor of the trashed apartment with multiple stab wounds.

Her alleged killer, Exiquio Castillo, 47, surrendered himself to police later in the day, and immediately asked for a lawyer, police said.

He’s now being charged with murder, manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon.

It all started when Recio Noble, aged 45, returned home from a party with a friend to find her apartment scattered and her enraged spouse lurking with a knife after stealing a key from one of their children during a visit the past weekend.

 Fatima Cruise, whose sister lives in the building and was the victim’s best friend said;

He destroyed everything in the house,

 When he was stabbing her, (the friend) was on the phone with police. (The friend) was afraid he was going to hurt her too.

Castillo, whose prior arrests include for rape, robbery and weapons possession, slapped Recio Noble across the face before the two fought over the knife with the crazed ex then grabbing a second blade and stabbing her multiple times, a police source said.

She didn’t want to be with him but he was insistent for her to go back, Cruise said.

After killing her, the murderer quietly exited the apartment, taking the elevator downstairs “like nothing happened, said Cruise.

The friend inside the apartment was was calling 911 as the unhinged spouse grabbed a knife, beating and stabbing Recio Noble in the attack attack, Cruise said. Castillo had custody of the kids on past Sunday.

When (the friend) saw that the apartment was destroyed she pulled (Recio Noble) to take her out and said ‘Let’s go to my apartment,’ said Cruise. He took the knife and was trying to stab her.

Police confirmed the killer was waiting inside when Recio Noble returned to the apartment.

The couple had separated and were living apart with Recio Noble moving into the building about two years ago and working at a Manhattan liquor store.

It’s so sad, oh my God, said Cruise. “She was a very nice person, a very hard-working woman. Her home was very nice, beautiful apartment. She took care of her kids, she was just a very nice person.


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