Unknown gunmen allegedly spray bullet on three school van leaving students and teachers injured in Kenya.

Police detectives have launched a manhunt against a gang of bandits who executed an attack on three school buses and inflicted serious injuries on the teachers and students of Tot High school in Kerio valley.

The attack is reported to have occurred along the Arror-Tot road at Chesuman in Kerio Valley, Elgeyo Marakwet county where the students were returning from an academic trip they had attended in Baringo county.

Their convoy of buses was stopped by the heavily armed bandits who then proceeded to spray their vehicles with bullets indiscriminately injuring the students and their teachers.

The driver of one of the buses is fighting for his life in a critical condition at the Kapsowar mission hospital while the injured teachers and students have been taken to Arror, Chesongoch and Mogil health facilities.

Recovery efforts are ongoing and the students have been taken to various health facilities in Kerio Valley and those with serious injuries referred to Kapsowar Mission Hospital, Mr. Lumumba said, adding more police have been sent to the area.


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