Police officer lands in trouble after robbing a Lady at gunpoint.

A Police officer attached to the LASTMA office in Ejigbo area of Lagos, Sergeant Idris Samson, has landed in trouble after he allegedly used an AK-47 to rob a woman, Mrs. Adeniyi Aderonke, of her phone in her office at gun point.

P.M.EXPRESS reports that the incident happened at College Bus Stop, Ikotun area of Lagos, where Sergeant Samson went to apprehend vehicles with others now at large.

Police operatives from the Criminal Investigation Department Zone 2 Onikan, Lagos, have arrested Samson and referred him to the office of the Provost led by One Supol Ade for orderly trial over his alleged conduct, which had seriously dented the image of the Nigerian Police.

In a petition dated 2nd December, 2020 to the AIG, Mrs. Aderonke stated that on 29th September, 2020, at about 1pm, she was in her office at Kazan Plaza, College Bus Stop, Ikotun area of Lagos, when Samson, who was armed to the teeth, climbed to the two storey building where her office was located and pointed a gun at her.

In the process, Samson forcefully collected her Tecno mobile phone on the allegation that they were taking pictures of the vehicles, which were being towed at College Bus Stop, Ikotun.

She stated that she had to surrender the phone as a result of the threat because she never took any photographs of their operations as he alleged.
They were said to have searched the phone but did not find any picture taken during their operations, yet he took the mobile phone away to the LASTMA office at Ejigbo.

It is pertinent to state that I went to their office at Ejigbo several times to collect my phone but I was driven out of their office, which prompted me to contact the DPO Ikotun Division, who then called Sgt. Idris Samson’s office and he was told that my phone was collected by an unknown soldier, which actually was collected from me by Samson in Police uniform.

Sir, it is my humble appeal to kindly use your good offices to investigate this matter with a view to recovering the phone and cross-check if it contains such allegation which warranted the seizure without proper investigation procedure.

Following the petition, the AIG ordered an investigation on the matter and Idris Samson was apprehended by the D1 of the CID, Zone 2, for proper investigation.

According to Police sources, during investigation, Samson was found culpable but could not immediately be arraigned in Court for armed robbery unless he faced orderly trial and got dismissed before his trial would commence in Court. 

The AIG consequently directed that he should go for trial as a procedure for his dismissal from the Police.
However, the trial had been slated several times but Samson did not show up giving flimsy reasons or faked sickness and will not appear for the trial.

Lamenting about what happened, Mrs. Aderonke stated that she was still shocked because she did not envisage that a Police officer would conduct himself in such a manner.

She also narrated her sad experience at the LASTMA offices at Ejigbo and Oshodi stating that the senior officers there were mocking her telling her that she will not see the phone again because they were ready to use their contacts in the Police and government circles to frustrate her.

Mrs. Aderonke stated that she wants justice in the matter and appealed to the Police High Command to prevail on Samson to return her phone because it has affected her business since he collected the phone.


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