25-year-old woman Rebecca Nicodemus has been dragged before the Akure Magistrate’s Court in Ondo State.

A 25-year-old woman who is identified as Rebecca Nicodemus has been dragged before the Akure Magistrate’s Court in Ondo State.

The woman was said to have stabbed her rival wife who is also identified as Precious Nicodemus, to death simply because of intimacy turns with their husband.

The accused was reported to have attacked the first wife on the claims that the first wife used to get special treatment and attention from their husband and thereby neglecting her even though she is the younger wife.

It was also reported that the accused confronted the first wife, while she was coming out of their husband’s room and stabbed her to death claiming that their husband had been expending all his energy and attention on the first wife while neglecting her.

According to Nigerian Tribune, the deceased was rushed to the hospital but unfortunately, she was pronounced dead and her remains have been deposited at the mortuary.

Nigerian Tribune also revealed that the accused is a farmer and that she committed the offense at about 5:00 am at Idogun Camp Ode-Irele in Ondo State.

The accused however pleaded not guilty in court with the claims that her husband was earlier with her in the living room, on that fateful day but he had to excuse himself on the pretext that they are not free to continue with their lovemaking.

She, however, claimed that she was angry when she discovered that her husband had returned into the room with the first wife while she was waiting for him to resume their lovemaking.

She added that she also heard them making derogatory remarks about her.

This was what made her wait in the sitting room for them to come out from the room before she challenged the first wife but the first wife suddenly grabbed her clothes. She, therefore, took a knife on the table in their sitting room and then stabbed her in the back.

She also affirmed that the first wife was rushed to the hospital by their neighbors but the doctor that was on duty confirmed her dead. She lamented that it was not her intention to kill her but that she overreacted in anger.

However, her pleas were not accepted in court and she has been ordered to remain in prison custody until the outcome of advice from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).


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