Former Nigeria VP, Atiku Abubakar react to Russia invasion of Ukraine.

After days of threat and breaks down of diplomatic resolution between Russia and Ukraine, the former has finally carried out its threat.

It was reported on Wednesday that Russia has launched a full invasion on the Neighboring country which will automatically make the world to witness yet another World War III.

The attack by Russia has been described as needless and baseless action by powerful world leaders who have continued to question the rationale of Russian president, Vladimir Putin for carrying out the invasion.

The president made the announcement that he has carried out a full military operation against Ukraine. 

Putin according to multiple reports is invading Ukraine based on three major reasons. 

He was said to be preventing the country from joining NATO. Secondly, Putin was accused of trying to expand Russian territory to the country. Thirdly, he was allegedly trying to take over a region that is independent from the Ukraine.

These were said to have been the basis on which the Russian leader ordered a full military operation against his neighbor after weeks of threat and break down of diplomatic resolution.

While some countries have ordered their citizens to leave Ukraine, it was said that Nigerians national are still in the country despite the threat of war before now.

Reacting to the development on Thursday through his verified tweeter account, the former vice president of Nigeria, Atiku Abubabakar condemned the invasion and asked the world leaders to intervene in the situation.

In his word, Atiku noted that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine demands that all nations of goodwill must rise to ensure that diplomacy is deployed to de-escalate the situation.

He also called on Nigerian government to do its best in evacuating Nigerian from Ukraine, majority of who are students.

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