Omoyele Sowore has been arrested in FCT Abuja.

Just In, it was learnt that the Former Presidential Candidate and Publisher of Sahara Reporters, Omoyele Sowore has been arrested in Abuja.

According to a statement released by his aide, Femi Adeyeye, Sowore is currently being detained at the dreaded ‘Abbatoir’ SARS station in Abuja.

As at the time of releasing this statement that he is currently at the dreaded SARS unit called ‘Abattoir’ and men from that station were the ones who carried out the arrest.

We are monitoring these events and we can assure all members that these re-occurring illegalities and attacks won’t be allowed to stand.

The specific reasons for his arrest remain sketchy at this time.

oneworld learned that the fiery activist was picked up after stepping out of the court where the chairman and members of the party had converged to witness a case.

Sowore had filed an appeal against the ruling of the Federal High Court that declared Leonard Nzenwa as the acting Chairman of the AAC.

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