Tunisia to evacuate citizens in Ukraine.

Tunisia government has called on it citizens, Tunisians residing in Ukraine who want to return to Tunisia.

The President of Tunisian Community Tarek Aloui confirmed that the Tunisian embassy in Poland has informed the association of the Tunisian community in Ukraine of Tunisia’s decision.

The Ukrainian State Centre for International Education at the Ministry of Science and Education said that in 2020 Ukraine was hosting more than 80,000 international students from 185 countries. Almost a third of them were studying medicine.

Nigeria has one of the largest foreign student contingents in Ukraine, with 12,000 students, Morocco has about 8,000 students. Egypt has 3,500 students, according to the Ukrainian education ministry.

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The Tunisian community in Ukraine sent a distress call in order to speed up their repatriation, following the attack against Ukraine, Aloui said, adding that the various members of the Tunisian community in Ukraine are safe.

Many people sought refuge in underground metro stations amid closed airports, depleted food supplies and the sounds of bombardments from military aircraft.

However, Alyaa Gaber, an Egyptian fifth-year medical student at the Kharkiv National Medical University, said that many Arab students choose to remain at their rented houses in the city centre for now.


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