Japanese billionaire Hiroshi Mickey Mikitani had on Sunday donate $8.7 million to support Ukraine.

A popular Japanese billionaire Hiroshi Mickey, Mikitani had on said Sunday he will be donating the sum of $8.7 million to the Ukrainian government, referring to Russia’s invasion as a challenge to democracy.

The Japanese billionaire is who is the founder of e-commerce giant Rakuten made his donations known to Ukraine nation via a letter he sent to the Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, saying that the donation of 1 billion yen ($8.7 million) will go toward “humanitarian activities to help people in Ukraine who are victims of the violence.

Japanese Mikitani in his letter said and I quote in the next two paragraphs:

My thoughts are with you and Ukraine people.

I believe that the trampling of a peaceful and democratic Ukraine by unjustified force is a challenge to democracy.

I sincerely hope that Russia and Ukraine can resolve this issue peacefully and that Ukraine people can have peace again as soon as possible, he wrote.

Russia’s invasion has provoked broad sanctioning from nations of the world including the United States. While the Ukrainian government had received donations from organizations and individuals.

The Japanese government has also announced sanctions on Moscow including freezing assets and banning key exports such as semiconductors to organizations related to the Russian military.


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