NATO and US may be forced to fight Russia if the clash with Ukraine continue.

If the clash between Russia and Ukraine persists, it may force the US and the entire NATO to fight Russia.

However, Russia is well equipped with lots of nuclear weapons as they are ranked the third most powerful country, known for its military spending and vast physical expanse.

The most fearsome of their nuclear weapons is the RS-28 Sarmat, dubbed Satan 2, which would be disastrous for the US and NATO if used against them.

The RS-28 Sarmat is a Russian liquid-fueled, MIRV-equipped super-heavy intercontinental ballistic missile under development by the Makeyev Rocket Design Bureau since 2009.

It is intended to replace the R-36M ICBM in Russia’s arsenal. These special qualities of the “Satan 2” include the following:

(1) High speed and maneuverability:

They are designed to find their target at hypersonic speeds, performing maneuvers so that the existing missile defense system will be incapable of intercepting them. 

(2) Large Striking Range:

According to some estimates, the missile striking range is up to 18,000 kilometers, or 11,184.6 miles.

It also has a large number of divided parts, from 10 to 15 warheads, each with a capacity of up to 750 kilotons.

The little boy atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima had a yield of 15 kilotons of TNT, and it caused widespread death and destruction throughout the city.

Sarmat’s cumulative explosive power will be 15 warheads multiplied by 750 kilotons. That’s around 11,000 kilotons of TNT.

According to Russia’s military, it can beat any defense system and wipe out an entire country the size of France.

(3) It is well-defended:

These Satan 2 missiles are vulnerable to preemptive strikes, Russian experts go to great lengths to protect them.

The Sarmat silos will be protected by active protection measures, including over 100 guns capable of firing metallic 40,030 millimeter bullets to an altitude of up to six kilometers.

The Russians are also planning to protect the Sarmat with the new S-500 air defense system, as the S-500 system can detect incoming ballistic missiles or aircraft at a range of 2000 kilometers. It’s designed to intercept them at a range of 500 to 600 kilometers.

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