Ukrainian army allegedly shoot down Russian jet.

The Ukrainian army said on Tuesday that it had shot down several Russian fighter planes as Russia’s invasion of its neighbour country entered its sixth day.

Five Russian fighter planes and a helicopter were shot down during aerial attacks on Monday, according to the Ukrainian air force and the Ukrayinska Pravda newspaper.

The planes were allegedly shot down during aerial attacks on the cities of Vasylkiv and Brovary in the Kiev region, and a cruise missile and a helicopter were also shot down near Kiev.

Ukrainian warplanes are said to have fired missiles and bombs at Russian tanks and troops near Kiev and Zhytomyr.

Bombs were reportedly dropped in the northern Chernihiv region and the southern Ukrainian city of Berdyansk, both of which are currently under Russian control.

Meanwhile, satellite imagery shows a convoy of Russian military vehicles approaching Kiev, estimated to be 64 kilometers long, according to Ukrainian news agency UNIAN.

According to the UN, more than 100 civilians have already died as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Ukraine’s government puts the civilian toll at more than 150.

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