Ukrainian civilians burnt down Russian missile worth £12 million.

According to report, it was learnt that the farmers from Bashtanka took and burned the state-of-the-art missile system worth millions after its Russian crew abandoned it in a field

This is the moment a £12million Russian missile system burns in a field after reportedly being seized and set ablaze by Ukrainian farmers.

The victorious villagers who captured the vehicle said the Russian soldiers fled like rats abandoning the anti-air battery.

The video was filmed near the city of Bashtanka in the southern Ukrainian region of Mykolaiv Oblast on March 1.

Boris Filatov, 49, mayor of the city of Dnipro, shared images of the burning Pantsir-C missile system on social media, claiming that farmers seized and destroyed the vehicle and that it cost around £11.3 million.

He added that villagers had described how the Russian soldiers were forced to run across the “Ukrainian fields like rats.

Filatov said: “I usually cannot stand victorious scene, sabre-rattling and hat throwing. War is terrible grief, but these people (farmers) cannot be defeated.

Today, collective farmers from Bashtanka, without realising it, took and burned the latest Pantsir-C system worth USD 15 million.

The ‘winning people (Russians) ran across the Ukrainian fields like rats.

The proud mayor added; Good night my country.

The Pantsir missile system is a group of medium-range missile and anti-aircraft systems produced by KBP Instrument Design Bureau in Tula, Russia.

The surface-to-air missile system was designed to offer defence against fighter planes, helicopters, UAVs, and precision missiles as well as provide protection to units under air attack.

One Facebook follower commented on the mayor’s post: “Guys, all of Ukraine is proud of you.”

Another netizen wrote: “We need to use these weapons against the freaks.

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