Putin phone Macron but it didn’t end friendly.

According to a news that was published by The Nation Newspaper Online yesterday evening, it was reported that President Vladimir Putin called the president of France, Emmanuel Macron in a 90mins phone call, but the call was not so friendly, as President Macron warned the Russian leader that he was making a serious mistake by attacking Ukraine, and that Putin’s decision would punish his own country a lot.

Information that was gathered made it known that it was President Vladimir Putin that initiated the call with President Emmanuel Macron, but, the call was not so friendly while the duo were conversing.

Report made it known that President Putin balked at Macron’s concerns, as the Russian leader was making attempt to justify his actions for invading Ukraine, as he told him that if Ukrainians do not accept the conditions laid out in a diplomatic path demanded by the Russians then, they would obtain its goal by military force.

A source made it known that Kremlin’s version of the phone call with Macron was described as a conversation with a frank exchange and that Emmanuel Macron disputed many of the points Vladimir Putin raised regarding Russia’s reasons for its special military operation in Ukraine.

The source also added, Putin’s goal is to take control of all of Ukraine.

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