UK Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Barbara Woodward said Putin misjudged Ukrainians.

It’s no longer news that Russia and Ukraine have been engaging each other lately in what I’m afraid to describe as a counteraction conflict after Ukraine breached an agreement they had with the former not to join NATO.

Amid the ongoing human casualties and destruction of building facilities in the area, the UK Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Barbara Woodward has come out in a recent video report from BBC to reveal how the Russian government under President Putin misjudged and downplayed the strength, will, and resilience of the Ukrainian people.

Speaking further, Woodward noted that President Putin underestimated the world’s condemnation of his actions, adding that the 141 votes in the National Assembly and the unprecedented sanctions slashed against Russia demonstrated the magnitude of global response.

She made it known that every day the conflict surpasses that the destruction and the suffering it inflicts on both countries increases, as she called on Russia to withdraw her troops, end the ongoing hostilities, and enter into serious peace negotiations.

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