First cargo of Japanese goods arrived today at a Ukrainian airport.

The Russian military is in Ukraine for the twentieth day in a row. The military has taken control of and destroyed a considerable number of Ukrainian military sites.

They’ve also taken control of a number of nuclear power stations across the country. The invasion has caused widespread suffering among Ukrainians, prompting many to escape to neighbouring countries.

It has been sanctioned by a number of countries. This action will wreak havoc on their economy.

Others have committed to assisting Ukraine with military assistance, including the provision of military equipment.

This was clear after the first cargo of Japanese goods arrived today at a Ukrainian airport, ready to be distributed.

President Zelensky has encouraged the United States to deliver the promised jets as soon as possible since Ukraine does not want to risk the lives of its citizens. According to the president, his military will not retreat but rather send Russia a harsh lesson.

Give up while you still have the opportunity.

We have shown you that we will not surrender after nearly two weeks of struggle.

The Russian military was informed by Zelensky.

We will struggle until our land is returned to us and we have received full compensation for all of our victims.

For the children that have died. Zelensky added.


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