MiG-29 combat fighter jets might be sent to Ukraine.

After fays of crying to the US government for fighter jets to help fight the Russian invasion, Ukraine might benefit after The Pentagon on Wednesday said that NATO should take the MiG-29 combat fighter jets to Ukraine.

The MiG is a jet that was built in Soviet Union and considered as one of the most dangerous fighter jets.

The plan to fly the jets to Ukraine has however been rejected by USA who have said that by taking the jets to Ukraine it is like NATO directly being involved in the war.

This is even more tragic given that they will take off from the US soil before going to Ukraine. The issue has brought tension within NATO as some want the MiG taken to Ukraine while others are against the idea.

Pentagon Press Secretary pointing on the same on Wednesday said, “stressed we do not support the transfer of additional fighter aircraft to the Ukrainian Air Force at this time.

However, talks are on to see if the agreement will be reached.


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