Amidst the ongoing war with Ukraine, Russia impose sanctions on 48 country.

The Russian government has imposed different economic sanctions against Western countries in response to their actions against President Vladimir Putin.

Part of the economic sanctions imposed by the Russian government include ban on export of auto equipment to over 48 countries including the United States and United Kingdom as confirmed by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

The Russian government added that it is necessary to ban foreign export to provide stability to the country’s economy.

Other items banned include cars, railway carriages and turbines.

Many Western countries particularly the EU have imposed different economic sanctions targeted at crippling the Russian economy as consequences of attacking Ukraine.

Many international organizations including FIFA, PayPal, Olympics etc have imposed sanctions against Russia. The situation in Ukraine continue to generate tension across the world as Russian troops continue to advance into strategic Ukrainian cities.

This action has angered the European Union and its allies which resulted in series of economic sanctions against Russia.


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