No fewer than 500 KM -7.62 machine guns have been given to Ukrainians for self defense.

It has not been easy for the Ukrainian forces for the past two weeks after the Russian invaded their territory with a full army.

They have been trying their best to restrict the movement of the invaders in the city, but the Russians keep on progressing day by day.

The Ukrainian forces are no match with the Russians both in population and possession of weapons.

The force lack weapons like machine guns, anti-missiles, airstrike jets, and bombs, that is why the Russian army has covered many cities in Ukraine.

Despite their inadequacy of weapons, the Ukrainians were able to defend some of their cities.

In response to the war, about 500 machine guns that were locally made were handed over to the forces amid the invasion.

The machine gun is known as KM-7.62 and it has some PKM features. The guns will be of good help to them as volunteers from other nations will have something to use when fighting the Russians.


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