Ukraine claim they’ve killed some Russian Generals.

Ukraine has claimed that a Russian general was killed in the battle near Kharkiv, though the Pentagon has not been able to confirm the statement, a senior defense official said.

However, here are Russian Generals reportedly killed in the invasion of Ukraine.

According to information gathered, the Homepage has it that Russian Maj. Gen. Andrie Sukhovetsky has been killed.

Sukhovetsky was killed while fighting in Ukraine according to a statement from the Novorossiysk city government.

Sukhovestsky was the deputy commander of the 41st Combined Arms Army of the Russian Ground Combat Forces, who died while performing a ground mission during a special operation in Ukraine.

Another key Russian military commander killed in battle is Colonel Zakharov.

The Ukrainian military had claimed that it has defeated a regiment of Russian troops and killed its commander, Col. A. Zakharov.

According to reports the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense said on Thursday The commander of the occupier’s regiment, Colonel Zakharov, was eliminated.


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