Sword Man arrested in Singapore for alleged possession of offensive weapon.

A swords man have been arrested in Singapore for criminal intimidation and possession of an offensive weapon after he had allegedly swung a sword at several people in Buangkok, police said on Monday (Mar 14). 

The police said they responded to a call for help at about 1.55pm on Monday after a man was seen wielding a sword in the vicinity of Buangkok Square. 

The man had allegedly swung the sword towards members of the public; two people sustained minor injuries. At least three cars were also damaged, said police. 

The man was then detained by five members of the public before he was arrested by responding police officers. 

The man was subsequently arrested for criminal intimidation and possession of an offensive weapon,” said police. 

The sword had been seized as a case exhibit. Police added that investigations are ongoing. 

A video circulating online showed what appears to be man wielding a sword at several people and cars. 

Anyone found guilty of possessing an offensive weapon in a public place may be jailed for up to three years and caned not fewer than six strokes.

For criminal intimidation, the man could be jailed for up to two years, fined, or both.


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