It was gathered that no fewer than 40,000 Syrians are set to be deployed to fight against Ukraine.

Reports disclosed that 40,000 Syrian mercenaries will be provided for Russia following its ongoing invasion of Ukraine in the past few days.

About 150 Syrians were transferred to Russia to take part in its war against Ukraine on March 15 and up to 300 are ordered to be sent to Ukraine every day according to Ukraine’s military intelligence.

The Ukrainian president previously asked for volunteers willing to fight with the Ukrainians to resist the full-scale military operations carried out by the Russian troops in the past few days.

In a similar move, Russia revealed plans to bring in volunteer fighters from the Middle East in a bid to replenish its lost troops fighting the Ukrainian forces.

As a result, several volunteer fighters have converged Ukraine to take part in the ongoing war between the Russian military and the Ukrainian forces across various cities in Ukraine forcing casualties to increase dramatically on both sides.


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