BNL, Princewill Richards said that a people seeking secession must have their controlled territory.

Biafra Nations League, BNL, has said that Biafra needs to take over a territory in Nigeria where its military would be in total control, in order to be taken seriously.

In a statement on Thursday, the National Leader of BNL, Princewill Richards said that a people seeking secession must have their controlled territory and military without which they would not be taken seriously.

He said the BNL was almost in control of the maritime activities in the Bakassi Peninsula, in the Eastern end of the Gulf of Guinea.

He said that his group does not lack the manpower, adding that they have a large membership and loyalists, including the militias at the sea who are ready to execute their plans.

Where are we running our leadership from, still within Nigeria, while some are even abroad.

But no group has captured any territory that we can say oh, this is completely under Biafran control.

Anyone who says we are not at war is blind, because there are killings all over the East, the worst being the attacks from Nigerian soldiers.

If they come to attack us and we are able to repel them, we will host our flags there as a sign of victory, and also make sure our men are on standby to defend the land, he claimed.

He berated the unknown gunmen in the South East who would attack security personnel and run into hiding, leaving the military to attack and burn down houses of innocent people.

According to him, the unknown gunmen should stop being cowards and face the military squarely to prevent them from going after villagers.

We heard those gunmen are well equipped, why not stand after every operation and face the military officers who will be sent to come and burn down our homes, than after an attack, they run into hiding, the BNL wondered.


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