US and the World react to Nine years court sentence to Alexey Navalny, Putin opposition.

According to report published by Aljazeera this morning, it was made known that the United States of America and the European Union have reacted, after a Russian court sentenced Alexey Navalny, who happens to be one of Putin’s main critics in Russia to nine additional years imprisonment in a maximum security prison, as he was accused of fraud and contempt of court charges, as well as a fine of 1.2 million roubles ($11,500).

Prior the judgement, it was made known that Navalny urged Russians to always protest against Putin’s invasion of Ukraine on a daily basis and when the problem became unbearable, his friends fled Russia while his businesses were crippled.

While the United States of America was reacting to this development, the US State Department spokesperson, whose name was given as Ned Price, described the sentencing as shame and another Russia’s attempt to silence opposition voices that have been speaking against Vladimir Putin’s brutal rule.

While the European Union was reacting to this, Joseph Borrell who happens to be EU Foreign Policy Chief made it known that, Navalny’s nine years sentence is politically motivated, as he said that the EU demands that he should be released immediately and unconditionally.

Alexey Navalny was already serving two-and-a-half years in a penal colony east of Moscow for a parole violation when he was handed another nine years imprisonment yesterday.


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