The G.O of RCCG Pastor Enoch Adeboye dedicate White Garment church.

Pastor Enoch Adeboye of the RCCG, has opened up on the controversy surrounding his presence at a white garment church.

According to a report by The Punch, Adeboye admitted that he went to the white garment church to dedicate it. He also said that he went there because God instructed him him to go. His presence in the white garment church generated criticisms and controversy after his pictures made trends online.

However, there is another interesting angle to the story.

Daddy Adeboye disclosed what he did when he was told to pull off his shoes at a white garment church that he went to, according to him, he has been to a white garment church before the last one that is causing controversy. When he was told to pull off his shoes, Adeboye said that he simply did as he was instructed.

The RCCG founder said that many were surprised that he went to the extent of pulling off his shoes at the white garment church but he had to do that. He said that the main reason he had to obey that directive was because the spirit of God had already told him to go there.

At the end, he preached the gospel there. He disclosed that an engineer that later played key role in the building of his campground was in that white garment church and the man gave his life to God after his preaching that day.

The man later designed and headed the building of Adeboye’s campground. That was part of God’s plan. He went there and a lot of divine connections came. Most importantly, people repented and gave their lives to God after his preaching that day.


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