Johannes Gerardus Blom (73) was allegedly bedding her 20-year-old daughter Ayanda Ncube.

A woman from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe was left shocked and heartbroken after discovering that her husband a local businessman has been double-crossing her with her own daughter.

In a bare-it-all interview, Sithabile Blom (42) from Richmond suburb said she was left utterly devastated, hysterical and furious after she discovered that her husband, Johannes Gerardus Blom (73) was allegedly bedding her 20-year-old daughter Ayanda Ncube.

Sithabile looked jaded, as she walked into the B-Metro newsroom to share her frustration about the shocking developments in her marriage.

I am in a situation that no one would ever want to experience, she blurted out.

She went on: I was horrified the day I discovered that my husband was having sex with me and also engaged my daughter in regular sex. He indeed betrayed my trust.

The disturbing revelations came to my attention sometime in December last year and up to this day, I’m still struggling to come to terms with the news. I loved him but now I am done, broken and left ashamed.

She said to make matters worse, her husband told her that he has lost count of how many times he had slept with Ayanda.

Sithabile and Johannes got married on 7 December 2017 and they have no children together.

Ayanda, a child from her previous marriage, is now staying in South Africa and is regularly sneaking back into the country to meet her step-dad-cum lover.


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