Pastor church set ablaze by angry mob in Siaya County.

An angry mob on Thursday burned down a church and 2 houses belonging to a preacher who allegedly confessed to killing an 8-year-old girl. The incident happened in Rambugu village in West Asembo location, Siaya County.

Teddy Odire, a pastor, of the church that was torched was the last person to be seen with that teenage girl who disappeared on April 10, 2022. The girl was playing with her peers when the preacher lured her away.

This is according to West Asembo Chief Wycliffe Odiango.

When the teen failed to return home that evening, her parents got worried and asked around only to be told their daughter was last spotted with the preacher. His phone was unreached.

They tracked him down the next day.

The preacher however denied knowledge of the girl’s whereabouts. He went missing shortly after that encounter with the parents.

He resurfaced on Thursday and admitted that he was holding the girl hostage at an undisclosed location in town.

When the parents visited the location, the girl was not there.

It prompted the parents accompanied by area residents to take the suspect to Siaya police station where he confessed to killing the teenage girl.

Police officers from Rarieda, Siaya County have been dispatched to investigate the incident.

The motive behind the preacher killing the girl is yet to be known. He is yet to disclose the location of the body.


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