Terrorist shot dead three police officers in Kogi state.

According to Homepage news channel, it was learnt that gunmen attacked a police station in central Nigeria’s Kogi state on Saturday, killing three policemen, a spokesman said.

The attackers stormed the police station in Adavi town and engaged police on duty in a fierce gunbattle, state police spokesman William Ovye Aya, told AFP.

The (police) Command lost three of its officers during the gun duel, he said.

Aya said although the hoodlums escaped with gunshot wounds, efforts were under way to apprehend and bring them to book.

He urged residents to report anyone with bullet wounds to the police.

Kogi state has been repeatedly attacked by criminal gangs and jihadists, some breaking into jails to free detained colleagues and other inmates.

In February, police operatives foiled an attack by gunmen on a police station in the town of Okene, killing one of the attackers.

Last September, gunmen broke into a medium security prison in Kabba, freeing more than 200 inmates, according to prison reporter.


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