Man alleged of forcefully sleeping with a lady in church defend himself says the affair was consensual.

A 30-year-old man identified as Ajibola Akindele who was accused of forcefully sleeping with a lady inside church has revealed that he was not the one who initiated the affair.

Ajibola was last week arrested by Ogun State Police Command after the father of the victim complained to them.

While being paraded yesterday, the suspect stated that the affair was consensual and the lady was even the one who initiated it.

According to him, he was invited by the victim’s father to decorate the church and after he went there, he met the lady inside.

She helped him to decorate some parts of the church and around 10:00 am, both of them got tired so they went to lie down at one corner inside the church.

While lying down, he made love advances to her and she willingly pulled off her clothes.

After they finished, the parents of the lady noticed a bloodstain on her cloth which led to his arrest.

He revealed that he is married with two children so there is no way he can force the lady to sleep with him.


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