The Polish government have successfully sent two hundred tanks to Ukraine.

A massive 200 tanks have been sent to Ukraine by its neighbour, Poland, according to Dailymail.

The heavy weapons were sent to help Ukraine win the war against Russia.

Warsaw sent more than 200 T-72s originally produced by the Soviet Union – into Ukraine in recent weeks, the country’s national radio broadcaster said today, along with mobile artillery, drones and rocket launchers as part of a $1.6bn package.

Ukraine’s allies have massively stepped up support for Kyiv as fierce fighting rages in the east, with Kyiv’s generals today saying that Russia is suffering ‘colossal’ casualties in the pivotal battle for Donbas.

Oleksiy Arestovych, a Ukrainian secret service veteran-turned presidential adviser, acknowledged his military is suffering ‘serious losses’ on battlefields in the east but insisted that Russia’s casualties are ‘much, much worse’.

Meanwhile Ukraine continues to carry out attacks behind Russian lines to cut off vital supply routes, with a fuel dump in the Donetsk region catching fire today.

Kyiv has not acknowledged carrying out any of the attacks – which have also hit railway bridges and ammo dumps – but is widely thought to be orchestrating them.

Earlier this week, a Ukrainian MP described the blasts as ‘karma’.

Russia is pouring troops into the battle in Donbass in an effort to force a bloody victory having been defeated in its initial aim to storm in Kyiv, topple the government, and install a puppet regime loyal to Moscow.

After it became apparent they did not have sufficient force to take the capital, Russia’s generals yanked their units out, patched them up as best they could, and then threw them back into the fight in Donbas.

They also adapted their tactics – abandoning precision missile strikes and rapid advances which saw them mauled around Kyiv in favour of slow advances behind walls of blanket artillery in similar tactics to WW1 trench warfare.

The move has met with mixed success. Ukraine has acknowledged losing control of some towns and villages, but has made gains elsewhere in counter-attacks.

Supplies of heavier weapons including tanks, artillery cannons, precision munitions and anti-aircraft weapons are designed to help with those attacks while ensuring the Ukrainians can destroy as much Russian equipment as possible in the process.   

As evidence of the West’s dedication to the mission, Joe Biden last night pledged $33billion in aid for Ukraine including $20billion in military aid.Β 

We need this bill to support Ukraine in its fight for freedom, Biden said ‘The cost of this fight it’s not cheap but caving to aggression is going to be more costly.

Zelenskiy tweeted: ‘Thank you @POTUS and the American people for their leadership in supporting Ukraine in our fight against Russian aggression.Β 


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