US warned us but we didn’t listen says Babajide Otitoju.

Babajide Kolade Otitoju, an investigative journalist and historian was asked to react to the alarm raised by DSS recently over the plot to bomb worship centers and other places.

In his reaction Babajide noted that America has warned us that the terrorists will move to the north west but we dismissed it and now it is happening as predicted. Read Babajide’s reaction below.

Now they bombed people at a beer parlour and ISWAP has come out to say that they did it, remember when the Americans warned that these Jihadist elements are going to the north west and a lot of us dismissed it as we usually do.

Today even the ministry of Defence has come out to say Boko Haram and bandits are coming together to plan operations in the north west, but we were warned, the Americans had warned us not less than three to four years ago that these guys were making plans to go to the north west.

Today they are not only in the north west, they are in Niger state, in the Shiroro area, the governor even mentioned communities that they have taken over.

If they can be bombing beer parlour, if they can go to beer parlours to slaughter people like ram, the way they did in Gaidam, how are we sure that they can’t resume attacking mosque and churches, because the truth is that they have attacked mosques in the past so it is not only churches they attack.

They are looking for who to kill, they don’t have a religion, they fool you because they have Muslim names , but it doesn’t make them Muslims, it is your way of life that shows whether you are a Muslim or Christian.

The kind of security measures we put in place in those days are no longer there, routine checks are no longer done, so we have to be careful and get ready for anything.


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