14 years old man charged for raping his mother in Mastic Beach.

A 14-year-old boy in Mastic Beach Home county has been arrested and taken Into police custody for allegedly breaking into mother’s bedroom, and forced her to bed during the night hours.

According to police reports, the 14-year-old, whose name will not be released because he is a minor, reportedly broke in the Mastic Beach home when his mother was totally in a sleep.

Investigators said the mother, 23, heard noises from downstairs and locked herself and her four-year-old daughter inside an upstairs bedroom. 

The police have registered a case under IPC sections 362 (2) (n) and 506 against the accused, saying the mother and the accused lived in the same house.

The incident took place when the suspect went to sleep in his room, woke up at around 12 am and went to his mother’s room and committed the crime.

When the mother resisted and screamed, the accused gagged her mouth with a cloth. He had also threatened her that, if she informed anyone about the incident he would kill her. The accused sexually assaulted her again the next morning.

Presently, the mother is being treated as an inpatient at government hospital.

The accused is married and his wife is staying in her parents’ house. The police are questioning the accused and further investigation is on.

Police distributed surveillance video that showed the suspect walking around the neighborhood before breaking into his mother’s house in Mastic Beach.

The suspect is described as black, one wearing a dark-hooded sweatshirt and dark pants with a white strip.

Authorities received tips and used DNA evidence to link the suspect to the violent crime. 

The teenager has pleaded not guilty to all the counts he was charged with. He will be tried as a juvenile and faces a maximum prison penalty of ten years.

My client maintains his innocence and denies these charges,’ the suspect’s lawyer, Christopher Gioe, told the media.


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