Australia send military aide worth $60.9 million to Ukraine.

The Ukrainian armed forces have been enjoying free and heavy military equipment from other nearby European countries that saw their needs after the invasion of the Russian troops.

Many European countries took part in the donation of food items, medical supplies, and military equipment which have been of great help to the forces.

Some of the military weapons were used to resist the Russians from occupying the cities.

The Ukrainian armed forces are still in need of more weapons because the Russian invaders are still occupying some parts of the country.

According to NEXTA media, Australia is planning to send more military equipment to Ukraine so that they can use it to repel the Russian offensive in Donbas.

14 M113 armored personnel carriers and 20 bushmaster armored vehicles will be sent to the Ukrainian armed forces with an additional 60 pallets of medical supplies.

According to the media, the vehicles cost the Australian government $60.9 million before it was purchased.


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