Kenya president have called citizens to disregard speculating rumour that Russia treathen African nations with missile.

The Russian Embassy in Kenya has raised an Alarm to all kenyans over the existence of a piece of information circulating in the various social media platforms conveying fake and devoid of authenticity information.

The Russian Embassy has raised an alarm over taking to heart the fake information alleging that the Russian country is purportingly targeting African countries with missiles for allegedly talking about the ongoing Russian war aggression against Ukraine.

The piece of information drawn from a televised address by the incumbent Russian president H.E. Vladmir Putin has been disowned by the Russian Embassy, articulating that the information is Fake.

Dear Kenyans! A piece cut from the televised address by the president of Russia Vladmir Putin of February 24,2022 with false subtitles is circulating on social media, the Russian Embassy in Kenya stated.


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