Angry Okada riders storm an Abuja Estate set two buildings ablaze.

According to Homepage news channel it was learnt that commercial motorcyclists went on rampage as they embarked on a search for a motorist who had allegedly run over two of their colleagues.

The incident occured in the Lokogoma area of Abuja on Sunday, May 29, 2022, left two build burnt.

It all started when a motorist reportedly hit the okada riders and quickly made his way into the estate for safety.

The Punch reported that the angry bikers, in their bid to capture the unknown motorist, attacked the estate and set two buildings ablaze.

Residents of the estate also told the newspaper that the mammoth crowd of motorcyclists chased the motorist after he knocked over their colleagues.

Meanwhile, it was gathered that security operatives were quickly deployed to scene to prevent a further damage to lives and properties.

Mr Adebisi Adelowo, the Estate Manager, told Punch that, Over 100 Hausa bike riders attacked our estate some hours ago. They tried to burn down the estate by putting fire to two buildings.

They pulled down our gate and started stoning people’s houses. We couldn’t stop them until the police and the army intervened.

We later learnt that they attacked our estate because two of their colleagues were knocked to death by a motorist who ran to our estate for safety as he was been chased with big stones and other dangerous weapons.

The motorist who is not even a resident of our estate ran into the estate because he noticed a police post in front of the estate.

Recall that a similar case had occurred in the Lekki area of Lagos two weeks ago when some group of motorcyclists lynched a sound engineer and set his corpse ablaze.


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