Abubakar Sidiq says MI6 wants to play Nigeran Nnamdi Kanu’s script.

Mr. Abubarka Sidiq Usman, the Special Assistant to Nigeria Senate President, Ahmad Lawan on New Media, known as ENESI on Twitter has reacted to the rumour about the death of Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

There is a claim making waves in British tabloids that the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin may be dead. This claim was brought about by MI6, Britain’s foremost secret service agency.

According to a video titled, Gravitas: MI6 makes a wild claim, says Putin could be dead, published on YouTube by WION, it is alleged that the Russian President who led Russian soldiers and invaded Ukraine, birthing what is today known as Russia-Ukaine war could be dead.

According to MI6, Putin is very ill, and when he dies, his death will be kept secret for weeks, or even months.

They also said that there is the possibility that he is already dead as it is impossible to know.

MI6 also claimed that Putin had employed body doubles in the past when he was unwell, and the Federal Government of Russia, also known as Kremlin could also be doing so now.

However, there are claims that the President suffered from cancer. Another claim said he suffered from Parkinson’s disease.

While reacting to the claim, Abubarka Sidiq Usman laughed, saying that MI6 wants to play Nigeran Nnamdi Kanu’s script.

However, it is unclear what he meant by that.


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