Alexei Zhuravlev has offered a dire warning to the United States.

Russian official Alexei Zhuravlev has offered a dire warning to the United States, claiming that President Vladimir Putin could wipe both the East and West coasts with just four nuclear missiles.

Alexei Zhuravlev, a member of Russia’s parliament, declared on state TV station Russia-1 on Monday that the country is capable of launching a devastating nuclear assault on the US in response to its assistance for Ukraine in the conflict.

I will tell you perfectly competently that two Sarmat missiles are required to destroy the entire East Coast of the United States, the pro-Kremlin commentator stated, referring to Russia’s latest intercontinental ballistic missiles, dubbed as Satan-2 among NATO nations.

And the same is true for the West Coast, Zhuravlev added.

Four rockets, and nothing will be left.

The ultra-hawkish legislator was commenting on a CBS News story from April that discussed what a nuclear assault on New York City would look like.

According to Russian official Alexei Zhuravlev, four Satan-2 missiles could strike the US East and West coastlines.

The ardent Putin admirer then shifted his focus to Ukraine, reiterating the erroneous Kremlin statement that around 5% of the neighboring country’s population, or approximately 2 million people, are “incurable” Nazis.

Zhuravelv, who, like many in the Russian establishment, sees Ukraine as a renegade region of Russia, went on to assert that the continuing conflict officially referred to as a special military operation by the Kremlin is a civil war.

This is not the first time Zhuravlev has vowed to destroy Western countries that are assisting Ukraine in its fight against Russia.

A month ago, the legislator bragged on state television that one Sarmat and the British Isles are gone.

Dmitry Rogozin, the president of Russia’s official space agency, Roscosmos, tweeted a week ago that 50 new Sarmat-2 ballistic missiles will be combat-ready shortly.

I propose that aggressors address us more gently, Rogozin stated.

Following the successful test flight of Sarmat, or Satan-2, last month, Putin stated in a televised address that the missile would make Russia’s adversaries think twice before issuing threats.

The Kremlin leader further warned that the Satan-2 missile is capable of defeating all contemporary anti-missile defense systems.


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