US refused to aide Ukraine with rocket launcher that strike in Russia.

The battle for eastern Ukraine is heating up as the Russian forces are trying to surround the towns under Ukrainian control, the ground troops are outnumbered and outgunned and the United States has backed off from helping Ukraine with rocket systems.

The US president was asked to update on plans to send larger military aid to Ukraine and the President said.

We’re not going to send Ukraine rocket systems that can strike in Russia.

Earlier, the American media had reported that Biden administration was mulling to send rocket systems to Ukraine and the Russians had warned that this attempt will cross a red line.

Just hours before Biden’s announcement, the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, appeared on a French news network to talk about their new plans in Ukraine and said.

Russian troops have entered the outskirts of the Ukrainian city of Sievierodonetsk, it is the largest city in Luhansk which is partly under Ukrainian control.

Witnesses say that the city is being bombed at least 200 times in an hour and all the critical infrastructure has been turned to dust.

The Ukrainian President says that they are doing everything to hold off Moscows’s advances.

The invasion so far has killed thousands of civilians, over 6.7 million people have been displaced and more than 14,000 cases of alleged war crimes are being probed by Ukraine, several Russian soldiers have pleaded guilty in cases of shelling and killing civilians.


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