Italy sack national football team coach Mancini.

After Italy failure to qualify for the world cup back in 2018, it was evident something needed to change, Italy a significant force in European football unable to gain a ticket into football’s biggest competition, that was deemed a failure.

In came Mancini, after departing his job at Zenit St Petersburg’s, Mancini was appointed new head coach of the Italian men’s national team, with successes in Manchester City, and Inter Milan prove of his managerial capabilities.

Three years later, due to the extension of the Euros of 2020 being played in 2021, due to the coronavirus pandemic that left the whole world in shock, the competition had to be postponed, but in 2021, Italy would go on to ensure that they lifted the Euros, showing glimpses of the Italian team many knew in the past.

However, one last hurdle remained to be completed, their return back to the world cup, and after Jorginho disappointing penalty losses against Switzerland, Italy would have to come via the playoffs round, still they were expected to win, considering the fact that they faced new faces in Europe, the North Macedonian team, reverse was the case as a late goal denied Italy for the second time in a role, a ticket into the world cup.

Despite, the quality of players in the team and winning of the Euros, what is going wrong with the team? A chance to redeem themselves came with the finalissma game, but Italy showed no signs of putting up a challenge as, Argentine won the game comfortably by three goals to nil.

Perhaps, Mancini tactics can be seen by other managers, and maybe it’s time the Italian federation starts thinking of possible replacement for the manager.

Failure to qualify for the world cup was a disaster, and now losing the finalissima game, another shocking result, perhaps a change in management is what is needed for the national team.


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