The government of Israel has urged it’s citizens to vacate Turkey with immediate effect.

Israel has reportedly issued a warning to a hundred of its citizens to leave Turkey immediately.

This is due to an apparent threat from Iran, which has blamed Israel for the recent assassination of a senior Iranian revolutionary guard officer.

According to reports, Colonel Hassan Sayyad Khodayari helped to lead an Iranian force that carries out kidnappings and assassinations outside of Iran, including of Israelis.

He himself was assassinated last week and Iran has vowed to take revenge on Israel.

On Tuesday, Iranian media published a list of five wanted Israeli intelligence and technology experts, who are apparently being surveyed by Iran as well as their colleagues and even their families.

And in the latest, the Israeli officials have reportedly telephoned 100 Israeli civilians in Turkey, to advise them to return to Israel, as they could also be at risk.

This followed a travel warning for Turkey from Israel’s national security council, which suggested that there is a concrete threat to Israelis from Iranian terrorist operatives in Turkey as well as in nearby countries.

Recently, the Mossad has reportedly foiled attempts to target Israeli figureheads, consular staff and business people around the world and now, Iran is apparently widening its target aiming for Israeli tourists as well.

The threats come amid a stalled Iran nuclear deal, with Israel believing the deal won’t prevent Iran from achieving nuclear weapons.

According to the UN nuclear watchdog, the IAEA on Tuesday, Iran enriched uranium stockpile is 18 times over the 2015 deal limit.


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