War is an act of evil, easy to start but very difficult to end. Something need to be done about Russia-Ukraine conflict.

According to Homepage news channel, Ukraine has an international legion that it had set up early in the invasion, which enables foreigners to volunteer and fight with the Ukrainians.

We recently came across a video circulating the internet of Western fighters taking out a Russian BTR-80 in Kharkiv.

The video shows a group of Western volunteers, some with American accents and some with British accents are seen in a wooded area.

Canadian volunteers are also possibly part of this group. The Telegraph further reported that the group had 15 men engaging in operations on the frontlines in eastern Ukraine for some 15 hours.

This was later geolocated to be somewhere near Velyki Prokhody Village in Kharkiv.

An American shooting the video orders a certain soldier named “Bryan” to lead the attack as they have spotted a Russian BTR-80.

During the video, gunfire, bombs, and artillery can be heard in the background, indicating that the location was indeed an active war zone and not just some randomly staged video.

The soldier named “Bryan,” who is wielding what seems to be a Czech RPG-75M, came out of the wooded area to a vast field, pointing at the Russian BTR-80 to destroy it. But for some unknown reason, the RPG does not fire, which leaves the American recording the footage to fire.

“Go! Shoot it now! said someone behind the camera to “Bryan.

The American soldier then uses what seems to be an RGW-90 to take out the BTR-80. The BTR had also spotted them and put them in a dangerous situation as it could have fired its guns on them.

The BTR was later seen to be severely damaged but was still able to drive away from the attack. However, they were not out of the woods yet (quite literally) as they were spotted by the Russians who spotted them, returning fire.

In longer versions of the clip, the group is seen pulling back from the conflict zone. Later, it was revealed that the volunteer lying down prone during the first portion of the video was a  30-year-old British veteran Ben Grant who fought in the Afghanistan war.


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