Rampaging terrorist blocked and kidnapped travelers in Kogi state.

According to Homepage news channel it was learnt that Terrorist block road and kidnapped travelers along Abuja-Lokoja highway.

According to a report by Daily Post, the incident took place Wednesday evening at Ochonyi-Omoko village along the Abuja-Lokoja highway in Kogi State.

After the gunmen succeeded in forcing the bus to stop, they went ahead to kidnap the passengers at gunpoint and whisked them into the bush.

The sad incident happened around 8pm on that fateful night. One of the passengers who managed to escape narrated the incident.

The passenger identified as Benjamin Isaac revealed that he and few others were lucky to have escaped from being abducted by the bandits when the gunmen were leading other victims into the bush.

The incident was also confirmed by a member of the vigilante group who spoke on the condition of anonymity. He said that he got to know about the attack while he was praying nearby.

After concluding his prayer, he mobilized other members of his group and started looking for the gunmen having seen the abandoned car from where some of the travelers were abducted.

The search for the bandits was still going on with a view to catching up with them and rescuing the victims.

Homepage News..

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