One of the released bandits abductees call on Nigeria government to take serious action against bandits.

Professor Umar Mustapha, one of the released abductees spoke about the garrulous the abductors could be in the forest.

According to him, the Bandits always told them about their next attacks and the places which they are going to attack.Β 

He revealed that before the Kuje Prison attack, the Bandits spoke about making this invasion of the Prison.

The Professor stressed the fact that this people can no longer be underestimated because of the heavy threat they pose to the National security of the state.

In terms of being organized, I will advise that the Government should take them very serious because these people are highly organized.Β 

They do tell us that they do have Spies planted across the country.

We heard them talk about things that they shouldn’t know about and we believe that those information came from Spies.

We do hear them speak openly about the attack that they are going to make and many of these attacks come true.

They spoke about how they are going to carry out serious attack and I just heard about the Kuje Prison and other attacks that they made.

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